Meet Rodrigo De Paul’s Wife? Is Paul Dating Someone?

De Paul is a member of the Argentine World Cup team. He was married to Camila Homs, a model, and a person with a lot of followers. He had two kids with the Argentine woman, but they broke up earlier this year. Homs also went to court to get De Paul to pay child support.

Reports say that Homs asked De Paul for a total of nearly $500,000 per year, which included a $2.6 million apartment. It is still not clear if De Paul will make these payments or not. After this news came out, De Paul’s chances of making the World Cup became less likely. In this article, we’ll talk about his wife as well as who is he dating now.

Who Is Camila Homs?

Camila Homs is a model who is best known for being Rodrigo De Paul’s ex-girlfriend. De Paul is a midfielder for Atletico Madrid. Her parents, Liliana and Horacio Homs gave birth to her, and she is the oldest of two sisters. Homs went to the women’s school at San Martin de Tours. She met Paul, who was 17 and playing in the lower divisions of Racing at the time when she was 15 years old.

Meet Rodrigo De paul's wife? Is Paul Dating Someone?

Camila Homs shows on Instagram that she is a family-oriented person. Throughout her life, she is called things like “Mother of Francesca and the Bautista,” “Wanda Nara as Antonela Rocuzzo,” and so on. Homs went with him everywhere he went around the world. They were together for a while and had two beautiful children. Their oldest daughter, Francesca, was born in January 2019, and their son, Bautista, was born in July 2021. .

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Camila Homs, De Paul’s Wife, And Their Separation

Camila and Paul met when they both were teenagers. They have been in a relationship for 5 years and then got married. There are some theories about why De Paul and Homs broke up after dating for so long. Some people think De Pual was cheating on Homs during their relationship. In an interview, Homs said that she had a “project” in mind and may have thought about reconciliation. She said that she has always been loyal, but De Paul didn’t agree.

Meet Rodrigo De paul's wife? Is Paul Dating Someone?

De Paul said that the split was amicable and that their friendship is still very strong. Homs also said she didn’t want to ruin De Paul’s dream of playing in the World Cup and hoped the situation would be resolved very quickly.

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Is De Paul Currently Dating Someone?

Rodrigo de Paul is dating Martina Stoessel, better known by her stage name Tini. People have mostly known her as a Disney Star and a model. The couple started dating around the middle of the year 2021. They got more attention when Paul joined Atletico Madrid, a big team in Spain. He made the relationship official in 2022 with an Instagram post.

Meet Rodrigo De paul's wife? Is Paul Dating Someone?

In the past few months, things have been hard for the couple. There are rumors that they have both agreed that they will tell each other they are breaking up after the 2022 Football World Cup. People will keep an eye out for a few days after December 18, 2022, because the delay in the announcement could hurt the image of the Argentina team.

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