Who Is Maja Janeska’s Boyfriend? Makeup Artist Found Dead

Maja Janeska, a social media influencer, and well-known makeup artist have been found dead under strange circumstances.

Janeska joined YouTube in October 2012 to give beauty tips. Since she put out her first video, “Secret to Long, Beautiful Hair,” she has gained over a million subscribers.  

The unexpected passing of the celebrity makeup artist and YouTube influencer left many Internet users in a state of shock and sadness when they heard the news. They were thinking of and praying for, the family during this difficult time. People are absolutely driven to find out more about Maja Janeska’s boyfriend. At the time of her passing, was she in a relationship with anyone? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the tragic death of Janeska as well as about her boyfriend.

Maja Janeska Was Dating Kyle Phillips

It has been reported that the famous makeup artist and content creator, widely recognized as “Maya Mia“, was dating and living with “cigarette tycoon” Kyle Phillips.

Who Is Maja Janeska's Boyfriend? Makeup Artist Found Dead

Kyle Phillips is a cigarette tycoon and business mogul who is co-director of Adriano Mazzotti’s cigarette company Carnilinx. Maja Janeska was shot in the head, and it was said that her boyfriend, a cigarette tycoon was “nearby.” Phillips told the police that he was brushing his teeth in the bathroom when he heard a gunshot come from their bedroom. He is said to be “devastated and in shock” by this tragedy.

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But he hasn’t talked to the police about what happened yet.

What Happened To Maja Janeska: How Did She Die?

Police investigators said that Janeska, 39, was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head on Dec. 2 at her luxury Bassonia Estate home in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Who Is Maja Janeska's Boyfriend? Makeup Artist Found Dead

“When police went to the given address, they found a woman in the bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head. There was a gun next to her. The woman was confirmed dead by the paramedics,” said police spokesperson Lt. Col. Mavela Masondo in a statement.

After her shocking death, a member of her family told local media that Maja sometimes worried that she would be brutally murdered. The relative, who asked not to be named, said, “We are heartbroken, and we really don’t know what to do.”

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Who Is Maja Janeska's Boyfriend? Makeup Artist Found Dead

“We are in Europe, and we can’t go to South Africa because we don’t have the right visas. Maja is lying there in some funeral home, and we have no idea what is going on.” The family member said that one of Phillips’s old friends told them about her death and that suicide is thought to be the cause at this time.

It is not yet clear whether the death of the make-up artist was the result of suicide or something more serious. We would update you when further details emerge.

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