Meet Samara Weaving’s Husband Jimmy Warden: A Peek Into Their Secret Marriage

Samara Weaving is an Australian actress and model who gained recognition in her home country by portraying Kirsten Mulroney on the drama series Out of the Blue in 2008. However, it was her role as Indi Walker on the soap opera Home and Away from 2009 to 2013 that really put her in the spotlight. For her performance on the show, she received a nomination for Best Female Performance at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) awards.

Samara is a rising star in the entertainment industry, with a career that is gaining momentum with each passing year. While her professional accomplishments have been making headlines, her personal life has also been the subject of interest.

In 2019, Samara got engaged to film producer Jimmy Warden, and last year she surprised her fans by revealing that she had tied the knot with him in secret. So who is the man that stole Samara’s heart? Here’s everything you need to know about Samara Weaving’s husband, Jimmy Warden.

Samara and Jimmy: A Closer Look At Their Relationship

Samara Weaving and Jimmy Warden first crossed paths on the set of the horror-comedy film “The Babysitter” in 2015, where Jimmy worked as a producer and Samara starred in the lead role. However, the couple kept their relationship low-key and did not disclose their romantic involvement until 2016, when Jimmy began posting pictures of them on Instagram.

Meet Samara Weaving's Husband Jimmy Warden: A Peek Into Their Secret Marriage

Samara followed suit in 2017, but she was more cautious about sharing images of them together on social media, presumably to maintain their privacy. In 2019, speculations about their engagement began to circulate after Samara was spotted wearing an engagement ring, and as it turned out, the rumors were true.

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In May 2022, during an interview with the Herald Sun, Samara Weaving accidentally let slip that she and Jimmy Warden had secretly tied the knot, referring to him as her “husband.” She shared, “I am actually about to go and work with my husband. He has written and is directing a film so I am going to go and do that, which will be really fun.”

While the couple prefers to keep their personal lives private, they occasionally share glimpses of their life together on social media. According to reports, it appears that the couple may have gotten married in 2019. Samara posted a photo of herself taken by Jimmy, tagging him with a heart emoji. Prior to that, she shared a cozy snap of the two of them arm-in-arm at a restaurant.

All About Jimmy Warden, Samara’s Husband

Jimmy Warden had been working in Hollywood for several years, taking on roles at talent agencies and working as a production assistant for various directors. However, he had also been quietly writing his own scripts in his spare time. His big break came when one of those scripts, “The Babysitter: Killer Queen,” was picked up by Netflix in 2020.

Meet Samara Weaving's Husband Jimmy Warden: A Peek Into Their Secret Marriage

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But Warden’s most ambitious script was one that he felt was too outlandish to be made into a film. That script was “Cocaine Bear,” a story with an “insane premise” that he didn’t think any studio would want to touch. However, Universal Pictures took a chance on the project, which sold just before the pandemic hit. “Cocaine Bear” is exactly what it sounds like – a wild and improbable story that will undoubtedly have audiences hooked from start to finish.

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