Meet Shahzada Dawood’s Wife As He Went Missing During Titanic Exploration

Shahzada Dawood is a Pakistani-British businessman, investor, and philanthropist. As the Vice Chairman of Engro Corporation and a Director of Dawood Hercules Corporation, he has made significant contributions to the business sector. With an academic background in Law and Global Textile Marketing, Dawood has established himself as a respected figure in the corporate world. Alongside his professional achievements, he is known for his philanthropic endeavors and involvement with charitable organizations such as The Dawood Foundation and Prince’s Trust International.

Dawood has recently made headlines due to his unfortunate disappearance while exploring the Titanic wreckage with his son. Amidst the search for Shahzada and his teenage son, the focus turns towards his personal life and the woman standing by his side. Meet Christine Dawood, the wife of Shahzada Dawood, who has been a pillar of support during these challenging times. Let us delve deeper into the life of Christine Dawood and discover the remarkable journey of this inspiring woman.

Meet Christine Dawood: Oxford Graduate And Business Coach

Christine Dawood, an Oxford graduate, embarked on a career as a business and life coach after completing her education. In 2018, she founded Next Step Now, a business mentoring company aimed at empowering individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations. Her expertise has taken her across the globe, working in countries such as Germany, France, Pakistan, and England.

Aside from her coaching endeavors, Christine Dawood plays an active role in the Dawood family’s not-for-profit organization, The Dawood Foundation. As a member of the board of trustees, she contributes to the foundation’s initiatives and philanthropic endeavors.

Meet Shahzada Dawood's Wife As He Went Missing During Titanic Exploration

Christine Dawood, with German heritage, began her career in the Rosenheim Area before venturing out into the world. In 1998, she made her way to Lahore, Pakistan, where she embarked on a new chapter in her life alongside her husband, Shahzada Dawood. Their multicultural journey has provided them with a unique perspective and a wealth of experiences.

Before the tragic events unfolded, Shahzada Dawood and his wife Christine enjoyed a rather quiet life out of the spotlight. Born and brought up in Pakistan, Shahzada moved to the United Kingdom to pursue his studies in Law at the University of Buckingham. The couple currently resides in Surbiton, South-West London, along with their two children, Suleman and Alina.

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The Missing CEO, Shahzada Dawood And His Son: A Community In Prayer

The recent disappearance of Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman has sent shockwaves through their community. The British Asian Trust, an organization supported by Shahzada, expressed their devastation upon hearing the news. Colleagues, friends, and loved ones join in prayer, hoping for their safe return.

Shahzada Dawood has dedicated over two decades to his successful career in the corporate world. He holds the position of Vice Chairman at Engro Corporation, a company specializing in fertilizers, food, and energy production. Additionally, he serves as a Director at Dawood Hercules Corporation, a chemical manufacturing company.

Meet Shahzada Dawood's Wife As He Went Missing During Titanic Exploration

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Throughout his tenure, Shahzada Dawood has been recognized as a respected figure within the business community. His expertise and leadership have afforded him the opportunity to address esteemed platforms such as the United Nations and the Oxford Union, emphasizing his invaluable contributions to the field.

Christine Dawood, the wife of Shahzada Dawood, stands as a symbol of strength and resilience during these challenging times. Together with Shahzada, Christine has played a significant role in philanthropic endeavors through The Dawood Foundation. As the search for Shahzada and his son continues, the world watches and prays for their safe return, hoping to witness a joyful reunion with Christine and their beloved family.

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