Is Shawn Mendes Dating His 50-Year-Old Chiropractor Jocelyne?

There have been numerous sightings of Dr. Jocelyne with the artist. The chiropractor has done extensive previous work with Shawn, and he frequently appears in her Instagram feed.

On a recent Saturday afternoon in West Hollywood this July, Shawn Mendes was spotted having lunch with Jocelyne at South Beverly Grill before returning to his hotel as per Daily Mail.

The 23-year-old musician wore a black Drew House crewneck with a huge hummingbird logo for their chill outing. Drew House is a clothing line designed by his friend Justin Bieber.

Dr. Jocelyne Miranda wore a black trucker cap with a white hoodie and the word “sweet” screenprinted across the front.

There’s a strong impression that the pop star and the doctor are quite close to one another. Rumor has it that Shawn Mendes is dating Dr. Jocelyne, his chiropractor. In this post, you will learn all the relevant details about her.

Are Shawn Mendes And His Chiropractor Dr. Jocelyne Dating?

Recently, Shawn Mendes and Dr. Jocelyne Miranda have been sighted together on several occasions. In November, the couple was last seen together when they were observed in a market.

Many people believe Dr. Jocelyne and Shawn Mendes are dating after she posted photos of the two of them together on her Instagram stories.

Is Shawn Mendes Dating His 50-Year-Old Chiropractor Jocelyne?

Photos of them in other settings reveal that they are clearly at ease with one another. Shawn has known the doctor for a long time, and it appears that he and the doctor have developed a tight relationship.

Is Shawn Mendes Dating His 50-Year-Old Chiropractor Jocelyne?

Neither Shawn nor Dr. Jocelyne has made any public declarations about their relationship status. The lack of hard proof means we have to treat these rumors with caution until further information becomes available.

Another point to consider is that Jocelyne’s work takes her all over the world, and it’s obvious that she enjoys exploring new locations with her various clientele. She uses Instagram extensively, posting daily updates of herself (and occasionally her celebrity clients) in various settings.

Is Shawn Mendes Dating His 50-Year-Old Chiropractor Jocelyne?

Whether she’s swimming in Tokyo, taking a hike in Zion National Park, or posing for a snapshot in Brooklyn, she seems genuinely thrilled to be able to travel the world. So this could very well be a case of general bonding with a client that is being mistaken for a serious relationship.

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Know More About Shawn Mendes’ Alleged Girlfriend, Dr. Jocelyne

According to her bio on her website, Jocelyne has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. Even though she has an office in Los Angeles, she frequently travels to London and other locations. She focuses on “Spine and Extremity Adjustments” and uses “bio-mechanical evaluation mixed with Joint and Soft Tissue Manipulation procedures” in her practice.

Is Shawn Mendes Dating His 50-Year-Old Chiropractor Jocelyne?

Medical practitioners in Jocelyne’s field may do wonders for performers and sportsmen. She “uses Cranio Sacral Therapy and Diaphragm/Breathing treatments for singers with DNS rehabilitation procedures,” according to her bio. She has collaborated with numerous famous people as a result of this.

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As a team doctor in the Big Three Summer Basketball League, she has cared for professional sportsmen like Blake Griffin. She claims to have worked with such famous people as Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, and The Chainsmokers.

It’s not surprising that Jocelyne has worked with Shawn before, given how many significant musical events she’s been a part of. She worked with him on important events like the AMAs, VMAs, and Saturday Night Live and provided him with personal assessment and therapy while he was on tour. Jocelyne has posted numerous images from her time on tour with Shawn, including birthday wishes and candid shots from backstage, on her Instagram account. She posted a touching message and a photo of herself cuddling Shawn in October of this year. She titled the note, “My ‘I’m So Proud’ Candid,” implying that it was a declaration of pride.

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