August Alsina Comes Out As Gay On “The Surreal Life”!

August Alsina, a New Orleans, Louisiana native who was originally signed to Def Jam Recordings, was born on September 3, 1992.

After making his debut in 2013, Alsina skyrocketed to fame. As for August, he made history since he was the first new artist in years who could genuinely sing. His global conquest occurred in 2014. In that year, he collaborated with virtually every major R&B artist. This includes Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and many others. Unsurprisingly, August’s “The Surreal Life” and the Jada Pinkett scandal made international headlines.

August Alsina Comes Out As Gay On “The Surreal Life”!

The singer has had enough of online haters who doubt his sexuality. August has recently come out to the public about his sexuality, confirming long-standing rumors within fan communities.

August Alsina Comes Out As Gay And Reveals He Has A Boyfriend On “The Surreal Life” Season Finale

Singer August Alsina was always honest about what he was going through in his life. He talked about these things when he joined “The Surreal Life.” Fans sometimes said that Dennis Rodman was interested in August. At the beginning of August’s career, some fans wondered if he was gay.

Even though nothing can be confirmed about what happened back then, August Alsina has news now. The cast of “The Surreal Life” talked in the last episode. When August did his sit down, he told them he was in love with someone new. This new love is with a man, it turns out.

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On the season finale of Surreal Life, August Alsina revealed he is gay. He has publicly revealed the identity of the man who is, in his words, “teaching him love” in an unusual setting.

August Alsina Comes Out As Gay On “The Surreal Life”!

Alsina mentioned in the video that he would like to honor the person whom he loves and who loves him back and who has taught him so much about love and healing. He went on and said he wants to accept his sexuality in front of the world as it defies all constructs of what love should look like. Alsina then goes on to hug his boyfriend in front of the camera.

Fans’ Reaction To August Alsina Coming Out As Gay

Alsina’s fans were incredibly supportive after he came out as gay. Some others have also claimed that they have always known Alsina was gay.

User Megsmom said on Lipstickalley, “Oh wow. Maybe that explains why he always seemed to be in so much emotional turmoil. I’m shocked by this but I’m glad he’s living his truth.” User ShadyPhaePhae was equally supportive, “I am not shocked at all. Happy he’s able to be himself. I saw the post on TSR on mute and thought it was the older lady.”

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A few of his supporters were worried about the way he presented his message “August’s complicated jargon makes him hard to understand. It wouldn’t surprise me if he admitted that this person had taught him about love and anything else they threw in there. Since he’s been so downcast for so long, I’m relieved to see him smiling and looking great.”

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