A Peek Into Shay Mitchell’s Boyfriend And Their Relationship

Shay Mitchell is a multi-talented Canadian actress, model, entrepreneur, and author. With her captivating performances in popular TV shows like “Pretty Little Liars” and “You,” Mitchell has earned a dedicated fan base worldwide. Beyond her acting career, she has ventured into entrepreneurship, launching successful brands such as Béis and co-founding Onda. Mitchell’s charismatic personality, combined with her beauty and talent, has made her a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, inspiring many with her achievements and empowering messages of self-love and determination.

Beyond her successful career, Mitchell’s personal life has also been in the spotlight, particularly her relationship with her boyfriend Matte Babel. Let’s take a closer look at their journey together and delve into who Matte Babel is.

Inside Shay Mitchell And Matte Babel’s Love Story

Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel’s relationship first made headlines in January 2017 when Babel was working as a reporter for Entertainment Tonight Canada. According to a source, the couple had been together for a few months and were described as serious and enjoying their time together.

A Peek Into Shay Mitchell's Boyfriend And Their Relationship

In a video on Mitchell’s YouTube channel, Babel shared details of their first date while playing the Relationship Quiz. As Babel asked Mitchell about the restaurant they went to, she couldn’t recall the name, but Babel playfully chimed in with “Village Idiot.” The lighthearted exchange between them showcased their chemistry and Mitchell responded with a teasing smile.

In addition to their personal lives, Mitchell and Babel have collaborated professionally on various projects. As an entrepreneur, Mitchell owns several brands, including the travel and lifestyle brand Béis, which she launched in 2018. Babel serves on the board of both Béis and Onda, a tequila seltzer brand co-founded by Mitchell. In a YouTube video, Mitchell showcased Babel’s involvement in the development and launch of Béis, highlighting their teamwork and shared aspirations.

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Who Is Matte Babel?

Matte Babel, like Mitchell, is also from Canada. Originally from Toronto, he attended Wilfrid Laurier University, where he pursued a double major in communications and sociology and graduated with honors. Before becoming known as Shay Mitchell’s boyfriend, Matte Babel made a name for himself as a television host, producer, and branding expert.

A Peek Into Shay Mitchell's Boyfriend And Their Relationship

His career has included roles as a host for MuchMusic, a Canadian cable specialty channel, and as a co-host on CP24 Breakfast. He has also worked as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight Canada. Babel’s impressive resume includes his current position as the Chief Brand Officer of DreamCrew, an entertainment group and management company founded by his longtime friend Drake. Through DreamCrew, Babel oversees various projects, including the management of NOCTA, a sub-label of Nike.

While Shay Mitchell is no stranger to sharing her life on social media, Matte Babel prefers to maintain a more private presence. He occasionally posts on Instagram, usually featuring his work with Drake or heartwarming pictures of Mitchell and their daughters. Babel’s supportive nature and love for Mitchell are evident in his posts, and he has played a crucial role in supporting her throughout their journey as parents.

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Mitchell And Babel Have Two Kids And Are In No Rush To Get Married

One year after experiencing a miscarriage in 2018, Mitchell and Babel welcomed their first daughter, Atlas Noa, in October 2019. Mitchell documented her pregnancy journey through her YouTube series, “Almost Ready,” which showcased Babel’s unwavering support and involvement. From assembling baby essentials to attending ultrasound appointments, Babel was by Mitchell’s side every step of the way. The series provided fans with an intimate glimpse into their relationship and highlighted Babel’s excitement and dedication to becoming a father.

A Peek Into Shay Mitchell's Boyfriend And Their Relationship

In May 2022, Matte Babel and Shay Mitchell welcomed their second daughter, Rome, a name chosen in honor of Mitchell’s late grandmother. Mitchell expressed her admiration for her eldest daughter, Atlas, who eagerly assists her and Babel with their new addition. The couple’s commitment to raising their children in a loving and supportive environment is evident, fostering a sense of joy and togetherness.

Despite their growing family, Mitchell and Babel have shared that they are in no rush to get married. In interviews, Mitchell has expressed her contentment with the current state of their relationship, emphasizing the importance of choosing each other every day. Their commitment to maintaining a loving and exciting partnership shines through, dispelling societal pressures and showcasing their unique bond.

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