Who Is Sidney Crosby’s Wife? Everything About His Girlfriend Kathy Leutner

Sidney Patrick Crosby is a Canadian ice hockey center who plays in the National Hockey League and is the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL). He was picked first overall by the Penguins in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft. He was called “Sid the Kid” and “The Next One.” Many people think that Crosby is one of the best ice hockey players of all time.

He has won gold at the Winter Olympics twice, been named the Most Valuable Player of the National Hockey League twice, been an NHL All-Star more than once, led the league in goals more than once, and won the Stanley Cup three times.

Besides being a great ice hockey player, he has a very sweet love life. He has been with his girlfriend Kathy Leutner for a long time. Many people think she is his wife, but they are not married yet. Since a decade ago, they have been together. This article goes into detail about his girlfriend.

Meet Sidney Crosby’s Girlfriend, Kathy Leutner

Sidney Crosby has been dating Kathy Leutner, who was born in Chantilly, Virginia, in the United States of America. She has been a model for a long time and has been on the covers of many fashion magazines. She is also known for her timeless beauty and charming personality. It’s not surprising that she was covered in fitness magazines during her successful career.

Who Is Sidney Crosby's Wife? Everything About His Girlfriend Kathy Leutner

Even though Kathy Leutner was a successful American model, she became best known as Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend. John and Judith Leutner are Kathy’s parents, and she has a sister named Jennifer Ann Dybsky. Chantilly High School was where Leutner finished her middle school education in 2004. She also played lacrosse for the top girls’ team in high school. Kathy was very interested in modeling from a very young age. She didn’t go to college after high school because she wanted to be a model.

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Kathy Leutner Began Modeling When She Was 18 Years Old

Kathy was found by an agent when she was 18. Then she started to be in a lot of ads. When Kathy got a job at a Fitness magazine, her career took off. Leutner was perfect for the magazine because of her athletic background and fit body. In the same way, Kathy was a featured model in the Swimsuit Edition of “Sports Illustrated” in 2011. Kathy Leutner also worked with well-known clothing brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Naked, Famous, and many others.

Who Is Sidney Crosby's Wife? Everything About His Girlfriend Kathy Leutner

In an interview from 2011, Kathy Leutner said that she feels the sexiest when she lets her hair down, doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, and is sure of herself. She also said that happy memories are ones with her family and friends.

Kathy Leutner can be found on Twitter with the handle @kathyleutner. She is said to have 1010 fans. She also doesn’t post much on Instagram. But her fans can use the #kathyleutner hashtag on Instagram to keep up with her.

Since 2005, she has worked in the modeling business. In 2023, Kathy Leutner has a net worth of about $1 million. Sources say that she makes an average of $132,000 a year.

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Inside Kathy And Sidney’s Relationship

Kathy and Sidney are not married, but they still live together as a couple. She met Sidney through a mutual friend, and the two of them hit it off right away. They started dating right away and stayed together for a long time. They have kept their relationship quiet. After the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup, the two were seen kissing in front of a camera, which revealed their private relationship.

Who Is Sidney Crosby's Wife? Everything About His Girlfriend Kathy Leutner

They have been dating for about 12 years and live together in their mansion on Halifax’s Grand Lake, but they haven’t gotten married yet. The couple is happy together, and there are no signs yet that they will break up.

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