Who Is Sinisa Mihajlovic’s Wife And What’s His Net Worth?

Sinia Mihajlovi, a Serbian professional football manager and footballer, died on December 16 after a long battle with illness.

Sinisa Mihajlovic, a former football player for Yugoslavia, Lazio, and Inter Milan, and a former coach for AC Milan, died after a battle with leukemia. He was 53 years old. Mihajlovic died after fighting his illness for more than three years. Just three months ago, he was still in the dugout at the Italian club Bologna.

On Friday, he died in a hospital in Rome. Gazzetta Dello Sport, an Italian sports newspaper, paid tribute to Mihajlovic by mentioning him as “the man who was born twice.” Before and after he was diagnosed with leukemia, he lived two different lives, but he always had the same warrior spirit.

Who Is Sinisa Mihajlovic's Wife And What's His Net Worth?

It was announced earlier today that the 53-year-old had passed away, and since then, tributes have been pouring in from all corners of the football community. Sinisa left behind his wife Arianna and their children. Now, people want to know about his family including his wife and children. In this post, we’ll discuss all the details you need to know about his private life and net worth.

About Sinisa Mihajlovic’s Wife, Arianna Mihajlovic

Arianna Mihajlovic was born in Serbia. Little is known about her childhood or where she went to school. Arianna started her career in acting and has been in a few TV shows, including “Luna Park.” But after she got married to Sinisa, she stopped acting.

Arianna Mihajlovic is best known as the wife of the late Sinisa Mihajlovic, a famous former football player and football manager. She is also the mother of TV stars Virginia Mihajlovic and Viktorija Mihajlovic, who appeared in the 2019 season of “Island of the Famous.” She is also well-known for her role in the 1993 TV show “Quelli che… il calcio.” 

Who Is Sinisa Mihajlovic's Wife And What's His Net Worth?

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She is also very popular on social media sites, especially Instagram, where she posts pictures of herself and her family. You may find her under the username @ariannamihajlovic, where she has gained 110k followers.

Sinisa Mihajlovic’s Net Worth

According to sources, it is estimated that Sinisa’s net worth is somewhere around $1m.

He was a defender or midfielder during his time as a football player. From 1991 to 2003, he played for Yugoslavia and won 63 caps, and scored 10 goals. His first four caps in 1991 were for SFR Yugoslavia, and he played in the 1998 FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Euro 2000. Many people think he is one of the best free-kick takers of all time, and he holds the Serie A record with 28 goals from free kicks. He also coached the national football team of Serbia from May 2012 to November 2013.

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Everyone Paid Tribute To Sinisa Following His Death

In an official statement, Serie A, where Mihajlovi spent most of his football career and was known for his free kick goals, said: “Serie A is deeply saddened by the passing of Sinia Mihajlovi, an icon of football and life. His pure class as a footballer and coach, his strength, and his kindness are examples that would leave an indelible mark on Italian and world football.”

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