Why Did Tectone Divorce His Wife Fream?

Tectone is a well-known streaming personality from Canada who joined OTK in 2021. Since his rise to fame, Tectone has become a household name among gamers everywhere. He enjoys mobile and “weeb games” such as Genshin Impact and Among Us.

In addition to his skills as a streamer, he is also well-known on YouTube. Tectone has amassed over 810,000 viewers on his Twitch channel and over 760,000 subscribers on YouTube.

A divorce announcement from Tectone and his wife Fream was made public on December 16 via the Twitch streamer’s Twitter account.

Twitch streamer Tectone And His Wife Fream Have Decided To Split Up

An explanation of the incident was provided in a TwitLonger post titled “I lost her. (about Fream and myself),” in which Tectone claimed that the decision was not negatively influenced by external factors. The two love one other as friends, however, “more than ever.”

Why Did Tectone Divorce His Wife Fream?

He went on to say Fream and he had been dating since they were 18 and were forced to be married or he would’ve had to leave Canada, so they never had time to think if it was the correct choice.

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Why Did Tectone And His Wife Fream Divorce?

Although it was evident that Tectonic and his wife had decided to split up, he stressed that the breakup had not been bitter. Furthermore, he reassured his audience that none of them had cheated on or mistreated the other.

Tectonic claimed that the couple was fundamentally incompatible because of the ways in which they approached problems and how they showed their affection for one another. Moreover, he claimed that he and his wife Fream had begun to see how much happier they were as individuals as their temporary hiatus had grown longer. According to his analysis, the couple has grown so much over the past few months that they’ve concluded separation is for the best.

The Twitch streamer then went on to thanks for all the support he was receiving, “Also wanted to thank all of my non cc friends for being there and playing games offline with me and want to also thank my cc friends as well. Everyone at OTK thank you so much, yall give me passion and something to look forward to everyday and actually make me feel appreciated even when I think im just some unlikeable piece of shit. Otk is the best thing to ever happen to me and I truly mean that.”

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Fans’ Reaction

An overwhelming majority of Tectone’s Twitter followers expressed approval of the couple’s decision in response to the streamer’s latest update about divorce. User @Z(onic) tweeted, “I’m glad you’re both handling things so well, we wish you both nothing but the best. Both of you deserve the world!”

Why Did Tectone Divorce His Wife Fream?

User @Dayton Lambson showed support, “I have watched and supported both you and Fream for almost a year and a half now. You two are fantastic human beings! Both of you, keep your chin up! Life is about learning and living. Smile about the good and bad times, and stride into the future with happiness!”

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