YouTuber Sloan Exposes Nick Carter & Tweets He Is Getting Threats By His Wife

Famous for uploading videos to his self-titled channel, Sloan has established himself as a YouTube star and social media buzz content generator.

On December 14, 2019, Sloan made a YouTube channel called “SL04N.” His channel has more than 798k subscribers and has videos about a wide range of popular topics. He has documented the Free Britney movement in videos, shedding light on the abuse child actors face in Hollywood and exposing predators in the industry.

YouTuber Sloan Exposes Nick Carter & Tweets He Is Getting Threats By His Wife

Sloan has released videos before that have gotten him in trouble; for example, one about Bob Saget went viral after it revealed that Saget had admitted to making inappropriate jokes in the past. Bob Saget has threatened legal action in response to this video. He succeeded in silencing Sloan, but the video’s virality ensured that Sloan’s words would be remembered for a long time.

Once again, it appears that Sloan has found himself in hot water thanks to a video in which he “exposes” Nick Carter; read on for more details.

Sloan Uploads ‘Nick Carter Exposed’ Video On YouTube

One of the ‘Backstreet Boys,’ Nick Carter, has been in the news recently due to allegations that he molested several young women. A lady with autism and cerebral disability, now 39, is suing the singer, claiming that he raped her while she was a teenager on the band’s tour bus in 2001. In a statement supplied to CNN by his attorney Michael Holtz, the musician strongly refuted the claim.

Yesterday, YouTuber Sloan posted a video in which he discussed the various charges made against Nick Carter in detail. He claims again that one of his victims, Shannon “Shay” Ruth, was a virgin when she met Nick and caught HPV from him.

Sloan continued by stating that there are three more girls who share a similar experience of being abused by Nick Carter and then contracting HPV. He also discussed the allegations made by Melissa Schuman, a former member of the band Dream, that Nick coerced her into oral s*x and subsequently ra*ed her.

Nick’s wife apparently took offense to this and has now sent threats to Sloan’s father unless he removes the video.

Nick Carter’s Wife Lauren Threatens YouTuber Sloan

Sloan stated that he was receiving death threats from Nick Carter’s wife, Lauren, after he posted the video in which he exposed Nick Carter. In a now-deleted tweet, he said, “I am posting these for the safety of myself and my family. I posted a video on the allegations against Nick Carter. Since this video has gone live his wife, Lauren Kitt, has been threatening us. If anything happens to me or my family, Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt are responsible.”

YouTuber Sloan Exposes Nick Carter & Tweets He Is Getting Threats By His Wife

It seems that netizens were somewhat split on how to respond to the situation. Critics of Sloan argued he should have known better than to send the tweet so soon without first determining whether or not the threat came from Nick Carter’s wife or a troll.

User poisonxx on Lipstickalley exclaimed, “He really thinks she’s gonna text him, threaten him & tell him it’s her? His tweet is saying that it’s her without any proof. He should of said “from someone identifying themselves as Lauren”. This is why his dumb azz always getting ceases & desists cause he reports things as if they’re factual when they are alleged. I’ve tried a few times to watch his videos but the way he talks irks me so bad.”

A few people were worried about Sloan’s safety too, user Anthy said, “I hope he stays safe. He should have gone to the police and the lawyers first.”

For the time being, it is unclear whether the person who threatened Sloan was Nick Carter’s wife Lauren or a troll or a disturbed fan. As more information becomes available, we will update our readers.

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