Spanto’s Death: Reflecting On His Passing, Cause Of Death, And Remarkable Achievements

Chris Printup, widely recognized as the co-founder of Born X Raised, which he co-founded with Alex Erdmann (2Tone) in 2013, is celebrated for his exceptional streetwear designs rooted in Venice, California, the fashion designer leaves behind a remarkable legacy. Their impactful designs, including the iconic “Gentrification Is Genocide,” have garnered significant attention.

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Spanto, the co-founder of Born X Raised. According to reports, he tragically lost his life in a fatal car accident on Tuesday ( 27 June) evening. Unfortunately, specific details pertaining to the incident have not been made public at the time of writing this article.

Following his untimely passing, there has been a surge of curiosity surrounding Spanto’s life and the circumstances of his death. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we will delve into the incident as well as shed light on his notable achievements and contributions.

Farewell To A Legend: Spanto’s Tragic Demise Leaves A Void

Regrettably, the remarkable individual Chris Printup has departed from us. Renowned for his philanthropy, he recently made a generous donation of his upcoming Nike SB collaboration to the graduating class of Venice High School. The news of his passing has been corroborated by various musicians who had the privilege of collaborating with him over the years.

Spanto's Death: Reflecting On His Passing, Cause Of Death, and Remarkable Achievements

Pep Williams, a fine art photographer, expressed his thoughts as follows: “Lost a part of my soul today. My little brother Spanto @bornxraised passed. I watched you grow from a little boy to a man. I watched you accomplish things most thought was impossible. So glad I was able to talk to you last week and say “I love you bro” and the plans you had for the future of Venice and LA. I will treasure all of our talks over the decades. Thank you for you. Rip my Venice Brother. #BornxRaised #spanto #chrisprintup”

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Renowned figures in fashion and hip-hop payed tribute to Spanto. They Celebrated his creative genius, parenting, and collaborative spirit.

Battled the Diagnosis of Cancer

In a recent heartfelt Instagram post, the esteemed designer, Spanto, opened up about his profound reflection on life, expressing immense gratitude for being cancer-free. His battle with terminal cancer began in 2013, a challenging journey that ultimately led to a joyous celebration of conquering the disease in 2018. As the year 2022 drew to a close, Spanto took a poignant moment to contemplate the remarkable strides he had made since his diagnosis, highlighting the tremendous distance he had traveled on his path to recovery.

Spanto’s Legacy Of Achievements: A Trailblazer In Fashion

Spanto Embarked on Collaborations with Numerous High-Profile Celebrities and Companies, such as New Era, Converse, Babylon, Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, Rams, and LAFC, among others.Drawing inspiration from the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, Born X Raised’s apparel is exclusively crafted in the heart of the city, specifically in the cultural hub of Venice.

Spanto's Death: Reflecting On His Passing, Cause Of Death, and Remarkable Achievements

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Following the passing of his father Butch earlier this year, Chris Printup, widely known as Spanto, journeyed to Memphis. It was during this time that the Indigenous streetwear designer stumbled upon one of his father’s cherished jackets, inspiring him to devise a heartfelt tribute. The passage also acknowledges Spanto’s upbringing in Venice, California, emphasizing the essence of the carefree Californian lifestyle intricately woven into his creations. To encapsulate this spirit, the designer believed that collaborating with a renowned brand like Levi’s was an ideal partnership.

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