Miami UFO – The Spinning Cube UFO At Miami Air Show Analyzed

Ever since pilot Kenneth Arnold said he saw nine shiny UFOs flying past Mount Rainier at speeds he estimated to be at least 1,200 miles per hour, there has been a lot of talk about UFOs.

Arnold’s description of the objects also led the news media to quickly come up with the terms “flying saucer” and “flying disc” to talk about UFOs. Hence, the popular image etched in the public mind is of a saucer when they hear the term UFO. So any UFO sighting that doesn’t match the classic image is met with high curiosity – not that the classic ones are any less interesting though.

Recently a UFO sighting that doesn’t fit the classic mold of a saucer was making waves across the UFO enthusiasts and researchers circle. Read on to know more.

A Spinning Cube UFO Is Sighted at Miami Air Show

The “spinning cube” UFO is not as often seen as the classic flying saucer or even the black triangle, but it has been caught on video more often in recent years. Some people say it’s just a trick of the light, a bird, bug, or balloon caught on pixelated digital video that makes it look like a bright, spinning cube.

Miami UFO - The Spinning Cube UFO At Miami Air Show Analyzed

But these spinning cubes have been seen not only on video, but also by eyewitnesses in Ohio and Missouri, and some pilots say that this is the type of UFO they have seen. The most interesting thing about this sighting is that the craft showed up in the middle of an airshow, as if it wanted to see what we humans have made.

People stand around on a beach and watch an airshow jet go by in the video, which has been stabilized and slowed down a lot to catch the very fast UFO. Suddenly, something bright and spinning comes out of the water and moves quickly across the screen before disappearing.

Mr. Sugarman said that he was filming that part of the air show on his iPhone in slow-motion mode because it was hard to see the screen and center the camera in the bright sunlight. Later, he saved a regular-speed clip of the same show moment.

Several of the “five observables” that UFO experts say to look for are present in this UFO. It moves very quickly, has no obvious method of propulsion, and can move easily from under the water to the air. In the comments, people can slow down and steady the video even more, trying to figure out what it is but failing. One person says, “This is the best UAP video I’ve seen in years.”

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Analysis Of The Miami Air Show UFO Footage

A videographer was given the source files to look at. He was able to get the files’ metadata and found nothing strange, so he didn’t think the videos had been altered. But from that one view, he couldn’t say for sure that the thing in the video wasn’t “either a bird not far from where the people were swimming or a bug much closer to the camera.”

Miami UFO - The Spinning Cube UFO At Miami Air Show Analyzed

He went on to say that the object’s flickering shape looks like “very quickly flapping wings. About 18 flaps in a half-second, which would suggest that an insect was flying close to the camera.” Even after doing more research, the videographer still thought that a bug or a bird was “most likely” to be the cause.

A quick look at ornithology studies shows that the only bird that can flap its wings that fast (up to 62 beats per second) is the rufous hummingbird, and they don’t dive for food in the ocean. Also, they are too small to see from that far away.

The Peregrine falcon is the fastest bird in the world. It can dive and reach speeds of more than 200 miles per hour. Most of the time, they rise slowly, usually following rising thermals. They don’t move as fast as it looks like they do in the video, and they don’t hunt underwater either.

Think Tank, a Twitter account, made a good analysis of the video that is worth having a look at.

Based on the fact that the number of pixels that make up the object seems to increase by a factor of five, that analysis seems to assume that the object is closer to the beach when it appears. This would also make this analyst think that it couldn’t have been an insect flying in front of the camera.

If it had come from beyond the horizon, it would have had to move at an almost unimaginable speed to get to the beach in less than two seconds. Also, at the beginning of the video, there are a few frames where the object is seen with the ocean behind it instead of the sky. This seems to rule out the idea that it is a high-altitude craft.

When seen in slow motion, the object seems to “flash,” which is also interesting. Some people have thought that this could mean that the object has an odd shape and is rotating, with one surface that reflects light occasionally flashing it toward the camera. Some people think it might be a flashing light, though the flashing would happen very quickly. We could think of this as a possible alternative to the “wings flapping” theory.

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More Videos Surface Of The Miami Air And Sea Show UFO

When Sugarman’s video started to go viral, other people who were there went back to look at their own videos and photos and found that they had also caught the strange object. The same area was flown over again by a B-52 bomber.

And more videos seem to show the same strange thing flying close to the B-52. Watch this video that user Horis Box put on YouTube. If you look closely at about the 40-second mark, you can see what looks like the same thing flying north below the bomber.

The original Sugarman video didn’t give as much background information as these extra recordings do. The object could be seen from different points of view, which could make it less likely that it was just a bug flying in front of a single camera.

It wasn’t too far away in the distance. It wasn’t very big compared to the jets, but it could speed up and climb at a steep angle and speed that no bird should be able to do. This is a very strange sighting. Several people took videos of it, and most of them didn’t even realize it had happened.

So, what was (or were) the thing(s) that were caught on video at the 2022 Miami Air and Sea Show? As with all such sightings, it’s up to the person who saw it to decide what it was, unless more (preferably physical) information comes to light. But it is still an interesting piece of information to add to the growing amount of UAP data that is being collected outside of the United States government’s vaults.

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