Stacia And Nate Divorce: Is The MAFS’s Couple Splitting Up?

Season 15 of “Married at First Sight” ended for good on November 16. The season was full of breakups, surprises on Decision Day, and much more. Even though Stacia and Nate had some problems, they seemed like one of the most stable couples.

It was revealed that the couple was still together during the Season 15 reunion special, but by the time the Where Are They Now? special premiered, they were experiencing major issues and appeared to be on the edge of divorce.

However, since that, the word is getting around on the internet that Stacia and Nate are no longer a couple. They may be getting a divorce. In this post, we’ll find out if the divorce rumors have any truth to them or if they are still together.

Stacia Asked Nate For A Divorce And Discussed It With Her Mother

Stacia tells her mother, Stacy, in a special clip from the Wednesday, November 16 episode, “I asked Nate for a separation … Well, a divorce, I guess.” Her mother got confused and asked her, “What one? Is it a separation, as in “let’s see if we can work on it”? Or does it mean “I’m done”?

Stacia And Nate Divorce: Is The MAFS's Couple Splitting Up?

In the clip, Stacia’s mom tells the business owner that she is one of a kind. “You have to realize that your pace is very different from what most people do,” says Stacy. “You know what you want and will go after it, and a lot of people aren’t there.”

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Stacia isn’t sure if she should try to find someone who can keep up with her. She asks, “Do I stay with someone who isn’t there and be stuck?” Her mother tells her it’s all about how you look at things. “You can take it to mean “rooted” or “do I want to stay with this person and help this relationship grow?” Stacy tells us.

Stacia And Nate Divorce: Is The MAFS's Couple Splitting Up?

“But I did everything I could to make it easy for him,” says the Stacia. “Like, after Decision Day, I moved all my things into his studio. So we did that for a while until, just under two weeks ago, he told me to leave because he needed some space. Since then, I haven’t seen him.”

Are Stacia And Nate Getting A Divorce Or Are They Still Living Together?

Stacia and Nate, who said in the “where are they now?” special that they are still living separately, are still not living together.

When we asked Stacia for an answer, she said, “it’s not sorted out” but that they’re prepared to work through it. Stacia and Nate have been married but they are still having separate homes so that Nate can adjust to his new life with Stacia. Stacia told, “I still don’t want to force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.” “I told him, “I don’t care where we live.” We’re going to have more than one house anyway, so it doesn’t matter. I’m fine as long as we’re together every day.” However, they don’t even post together for Thanksgiving.

Stacia And Nate Divorce: Is The MAFS's Couple Splitting Up?

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As per a Reddit user, “Nate wasn’t wearing his ring in his last story, and it looks like they are now living in different places. I don’t think they are together, but for now, they are acting like they are.”

So, we would have to wait for Stacia and Nate’s statements before jumping to any conclusions.

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