Acacia Kersey Divorce: Why Did She Split From Her Husband Jairus Kersey?

After four years of marriage, Acacia Brinley and Jairus Kersey have split up, as the YouTuber revealed on her Instagram.

Acacia Kersey was born on October 22, 1997. She is a pop singer and social media star, best known as the lead singer of the American band Watercolor. She is also popular on YouTube, where she posts videos of her daily life. For all her admirers who didn’t know, Acacia Kersey is back in the dating game. As she recently announced her divorce.

She said in October 2021 that she was going to take a break from social media. In an Instagram post that she has since deleted, she wrote: “It’s time to go on. In the end, the negative stuff about being an influencer outweighs the positive aspects.” She went on, “This role has hurt me, my relationships, my financial stability, and my view of the world in a huge way.”

Acacia Kersey Divorce: Why Did She Split From Her Husband Jairus Kersey?

Acacia did what she said she would do and left the internet. But by the end of 2022, she was showing up again on social media. Fans are trying to catch up on her life now that she’s back. Now that she’s back, her followers are striving to get involved in her life. Fans are curious to know the reason behind their divorce or if her husband cheated on her. Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Acacia Kersey Divorce: Inside Details About Her Split From Jairus Kersey

The YouTuber announced her separation from her husband Jairus Kersey on Instagram on December 28. They had been married for four years. They are parents to Brinley, 5, Rosemary, 4, and Cali, 2, born during their time as a dating couple from 2015 to 2018.

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Acacia, who is 25, stated, “Yes, I’m single.” “I have been single for a bit. Yes, I have all my kiddos. No, I do not have a storytime. And yes, I don’t know what else to say.”

Acacia Kersey Divorce: Why Did She Split From Her Husband Jairus Kersey?

Acacia uploaded a series of text screenshots to her Instagram Stories in which she and a friend discussed the news. One of the messages included a reference to Yung Gravy. After posting, she added a cheeky comment: “Oh and* @yunggravy hit me up.”

She said she’s been trying to figure out how to “properly talk about” what’s going on in her life, but she didn’t give any more details until she was ready to talk about it and to show respect for someone who “is a big part of my life.”

“Acacia said, “All I can say is that me and the kids are fine, and we’re just trying to enjoy Christmas as much as possible and take care of ourselves, or at least me, so I can be the best mom I can be. And there are a lot of changes and new things going on. It’s pretty scary, but I’ll let everyone know when I’m ready.”

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Acacia Kersey Divorce: Why Did She Split From Her Husband Jairus Kersey?

Did Jairus Cheat On His Wife, Acacia?

There is no hard evidence to suggest that Jairus cheated on Acacia, however, there is significant speculation in this matter. At the time that Jairus began his relationship with Acacia, he was already engaged to another lady. Acacia was the woman he cheated on her with.

It is possible that he has cheated on his partner once again. So, we would have to wait until the story develops further. 

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