Who Is Taye Diggs Dating? Relationship Details With Apryl Jones

Taye Diggs is an accomplished American actor known for his versatile performances on stage, screen, and television. From his breakout role in the Broadway musical “Rent” to his appearances in popular TV shows like “Private Practice” and “All American,” Diggs has captivated audiences with his talent and charisma. He continues to be a respected figure in the entertainment industry, both for his talent and his genuine personality.

Taye has been making headlines not just for his career but also for his love life. After his divorce from actress Idina Menzel in 2014, fans have been curious about his romantic endeavors. In late 2021, Diggs began a relationship with Apryl Jones, a star from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and the mother of singer Omarion’s children. Let’s delve deeper into their journey together and know about his past relationship.

Taye Diggs And Apryl Jones: A Digital Connection

Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones first connected through social media, which has become a common way for people to form connections in today’s digital age. Diggs revealed that he came across one of Jones’ Instagram or TikTok posts and was immediately drawn to her humor. He reached out to her and expressed his admiration for her entertaining content. This initial interaction sparked their connection, and they continued to grow closer.

Who Is Taye Diggs Dating? Relationship Details With Apryl Jones

One month prior to their public debut as a couple, Diggs and Jones attended the premiere of Diggs’ film, Incarnation, in February 2022. It was on this red carpet that they officially stepped out together, confirming their relationship to the public. Jones took to Instagram to express her affection for Diggs, proclaiming how much she enjoys his company. Diggs responded with a loving comment, emphasizing his gratitude for having Jones in his life.

In a heartfelt video, Taye Diggs openly expressed his deep love and appreciation for Apryl Jones. He acknowledged how blessed he felt to have her in his life, emphasizing that he couldn’t believe someone as wonderful as her could love him. Diggs attributed his good fortune to a higher power, expressing his belief in the existence of a guiding force. His words conveyed a sense of gratitude and joy for the love they shared.

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A Peek Into Taye Diggs And Apryl Jones’ Blending Families

As their relationship progressed, Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones introduced each other to their respective children. Diggs has a son named Walker, born in 2009, from his previous marriage to Idina Menzel. Jones, on the other hand, has a son named Megaa, born in 2014, and a daughter named A’mei, born in 2016, from her previous relationship with Omarion. The couple embraced their roles as stepparents and began the process of blending their families.

Who Is Taye Diggs Dating? Relationship Details With Apryl Jones

In July 2022, Diggs spoke about his relationship with Jones during an interview with Fox 5 New York. He expressed how they were enjoying themselves and having fun together, especially in the midst of the unpredictable times the world was facing. Their relationship provided a source of happiness and support, allowing them to navigate through life’s challenges with a positive outlook.

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Know About Taye Diggs’ Past Relationships

Taye Diggs has had several notable relationships in his romantic history. The actor first met Idina Menzel while working together on the Broadway production of “Rent” in 1996. Although the exact start date of their relationship remains unknown, they were seen together at the premiere of “The Best Man” in 1998, indicating that they were dating at the time. After five years of dating, Diggs and Menzel tied the knot in a private ceremony in January 2003 in Jamaica.

The couple continued their professional collaboration, reprising their roles in the film adaptation of “Rent” in 2005. They welcomed their son, Walker Nathaniel Diggs, in September 2009. Diggs expressed admiration for Menzel’s transition into motherhood and praised her for her dedication as a parent. However, in December 2013, Diggs and Menzel announced their separation, with a focus on co-parenting their son.

Who Is Taye Diggs Dating? Relationship Details With Apryl Jones

Despite the end of their marriage, Diggs and Menzel have maintained an amicable relationship. In September 2021, Diggs publicly praised Menzel’s performance on James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke,” referring to her as his “baby mama” in a supportive Instagram post.

Following his split from Menzel, Diggs began dating “Selling Sunset” star Amanza Smith in the summer of 2014. The couple remained together for four years but ultimately decided to part ways in 2018. However, their breakup was marked by mutual respect and friendship. Smith explained that she was the first person Diggs had been with after his divorce, and she believed that being the rebound relationship made it difficult for their romantic connection to flourish. Despite the end of their romantic involvement, Diggs and Smith maintained a strong friendship.

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