Terry Funk Death: Wrestling Community Mourns At His Demise

Terrence Funk, an American professional wrestler, gained recognition for his remarkably enduring career spanning over five decades. Throughout this extensive journey, he experienced numerous brief retirements, contributing to his unique legacy. Notably, Funk also pioneered the influential hardcore wrestling style in the latter stages of his wrestling journey.

Recently, Terry Funk, the renowned Hall of Fame professional wrestler recognized for his fierce hardcore wrestling approach that ignited years of intense battles and captivating contests, has passed away. On 23 August 2023, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the organization that witnessed the peak of Mr. Funk’s career, officially verified his demise. In this article, we delve into his cause of death and provide an in-depth look into his personal life.

Cause Of Terry Funk’s Death

Terry Funk passed away at the age of 79. The news of Funk’s demise was confirmed by his manager, Timothy Beal, who revealed that Funk had been dealing with deteriorating health and had been residing in a nursing home. Additionally, Terry Funk’s body bore the impact of an extensive 50-year wrestling career filled with intense physicality and numerous matches.

Terry Funk Death: Wrestling Community Mourns At His Demise

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The challenges of his profession likely contributed to the physical discomforts he faced as he grew older. The combination of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and the toll from years of wrestling placed a strain on his overall health. While specific medical details might not be fully disclosed, it’s evident that Terry Funk’s passing resulted from these combined factors. Amidst the mourning for the iconic wrestler’s passing, fans are eager to delve into Terry’s personal life for further insights.

Heartfelt Tributes Flow In The Memory Of Terry

The WWE released a statement acknowledging Funk’s passing. Hailing from Amarillo, Texas, wrestling was a familial pursuit for Funk. His father, Dory Funk, Sr., was a professional wrestler, and Terry Funk began his wrestling journey as part of a tag-team duo with his brother Dory Funk, Jr., as detailed in his WWE biography.

Terry Funk Death: Wrestling Community Mourns At His Demise

Following the news, tributes and condolences poured in from the wrestling community, a testament to Funk’s lasting influence and the mark he left on the sport he devoted his life to. “He was the greatest wrestler I ever saw,” retired WWE Mick Foley wrote on social media. 

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On social media, professional wrestler Ric Flair conveyed that Funk was “a great wrestler, entertainer, unbelievably fearless, and a great friend.” Amidst the mourning for the iconic wrestler’s passing, fans are eager to delve into Terry’s personal life.

Who Was Terry Funk Married To?

At the onset of Terry’s wrestling journey, he tied the knot with his longtime partner, Vicki Ann, on August 14, 1965. During their enduring marriage, Terry and Vicki joyfully welcomed two daughters into their lives. Stacy and Brandee, both graduates of their father’s alma mater, pursued distinct career paths, showcasing their individual passions and ambitions.

Terry Funk Death: Wrestling Community Mourns At His Demise

Terry and Vicki’s bond remained steadfast until Vicki Ann’s unfortunate passing on March 29, 2019. Then, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase delivered the news in a statement that conveyed “My heart is broken and goes out to my good friend and mentor, Terry Funk. Terry’s wife, Vicki, passed away yesterday evening.” Terry and Vicki were like second parents to me. There aren’t words to express how much they both have meant to me.” Exploring his personality more closely in the upcoming paragraph.

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Know About Terry Funk

Terry Funk, starting his wrestling journey in the mid-1960s and spanning over four decades, Mr. Funk’s career took him across the globe. He captivated audiences in packed arenas while performing for WWE and also left his mark in the burgeoning Japanese wrestling scene with All Japan.

Terry Funk Death: Wrestling Community Mourns At His Demise

Funk quickly earned a reputation as an intense wrestler, unafraid to utilize improvised weapons like chairs, ladders, and even barbed wire against his opponents. This unique approach elevated him to a celebrated status among his contemporaries, standing out in a sport where performers embody heightened or even entirely fictionalized personas.

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