All About Corey Davis Wife And His Retirement

Corey Damon Davis, an American former professional football wide receiver, enjoyed a six-season tenure in the National Football League (NFL). He honed his skills in college at Western Michigan, where he rose to become the NCAA Division I FBS record-holder for career receiving yards.

Recently, on August 23, 2023, Corey Davis, the wide receiver for the New York Jets, announced a break from football on Wednesday after his absence from team activities. The 28-year-old, a notable addition as a free agent back in 2021, used his Instagram account to communicate his choice.

As trade rumors continue to swirl around NFL wide receiver Corey Davis, one thing remains constant: his steadfast companionship with Bailey Davis. Bailey, his longtime girlfriend turned wife. While the public’s curiosity about their romance is undeniable, the details of their relationship and Bailey’s own background have largely remained a mystery. This article aims to unravel these aspects and shed light on their journey.

Meet Bailey Davis, The Wife Of Corey Davis

Corey Davis shines as a key player for the New York Jets and enjoys a blissful marriage. His partner in life is Bailey, his companion of many years. Bailey is not only stunning but also stands by him wholeheartedly. Their enduring relationship has stood the test of time, reflecting their strong bond.

While Corey has chosen not to disclose details about their wedding or share any wedding pictures, a glance at Bailey’s account reveals that she has “married” proudly stated in her bio. The couple’s deep affection for each other is evident, and they maintain a level of openness regarding their relationship.

All About Corey Davis Wife And His Retirement

The couple has been blessed with a charming little baby girl, and Corey didn’t hesitate to showcase her adorable photo on his Instagram profile. Now, we delve into the world of Corey Davis’ wife, Bailey Davis, shedding light on their first meeting in the upcoming paragraph.

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How Corey And Bailey Shelton Met?

In the 2017 NFL Draft, Corey Davis, hailing from the Western Michigan Broncos, was chosen by the Tennessee Titans. During this period, he reportedly initiated a relationship with Bailey Shelton, a native of Tennessee. The couple tends to maintain a degree of privacy surrounding their bond, occasionally making appearances on each other’s social media accounts.

All About Corey Davis Wife And His Retirement

Corey and Bailey’s wedding ceremony on July 19, 2020, was a quiet affair that flew under the radar of the online world. On December 30, 2020, Bailey and Corey Davis welcomed their first child, a daughter named Xaviah Kae Davis. The footballer took a day off from practice to be with his wife during this special time but promptly returned to training the following day. Continue reading for additional insights into Corey and his retirement in the subsequent paragraph.

NFL Player Corey Davis Makes Surprise Retirement Announcement

In a surprising move on Wednesday, on 23 August 2023, the New York Jets’ potential asset for the 2023 season, wide receiver Corey Davis, announced an abrupt retirement from the NFL. With six seasons under his belt, including a three-year deal with the franchise, Davis chose to step away from the league before the upcoming regular season. Disappointing performances in the first two seasons, largely attributed to subpar quarterback play, influenced his decision.

All About Corey Davis Wife And His Retirement

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Even the opportunity to play alongside Aaron Rodgers couldn’t sway Davis from his retirement choice. The circumstances surrounding this former top-five pick of the 2017 NFL Draft raise questions about his departure. Corey Davis shared a heartfelt message, stating, “After much reflection, I’ve been considering a departure from football.

This choice hasn’t been simple.” Davis conveyed his appreciation for his loved ones and the privileges he’s enjoyed. Davis highlighted his motivation to prioritize valuable moments with his wife and two kids as a pivotal factor in his choice.

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