Who Is Tracy Tutor’s Boyfriend? Meet Erik Anderson

Tracy Tutor is an American actress, author, real estate agent, and reality television personality. She has been a regular cast member on the real estate reality television show Million Dollar Listing, Los Angeles, since its tenth season in 2017. In the early 2020s, Tutor co-founded UN’SWEET zero wine, a company that makes wine without sugar.

Talking about her personal life, Tracy Tutor is in a happy relationship with his boyfriend Erik Anderson. In this article, we’ll talk everything about Tracy and Erik’s relationship and more details you need to know about them.

How Did Tracy And Erik Meet And When Did They Start Dating?

Tracy and Erik met when Tutor’s former cast member Fredrik Eklund introduced the private trainer to Tutor. They had already been training together since February 2020. At the start of the relationship, the couple went to Mexico, where they both got COVID-19.

Who Is Tracy Tutor's Boyfriend? Meet Erik Anderson

“It got pretty intense… because we went to Mexico together and we both had COVID and didn’t know it. When we got back and everyone was on lockdown, we kind of looked at each other and said, “Well, let’s just stick together.”

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Since the year 2020, Tracy Tutor has been dating her personal trainer, and the two seem more in love than ever. Anderson now frequently appears in posts on her many social media accounts, but this wasn’t always the case. While making an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in June 2020, Tutor initially hinted at her relationship with the 27-year-old personal trainer.

She said, “I’m happy! I’m dating someone, and it’s going great!” Her MDLLA co-star, James Harris, said Tracy’s skin was getting better because of her new relationship. She said, “He makes my skin glow,” and Andy asked if she was dating a dermatologist. Tracy said, “Or my trainer,” trying to be sneaky.

Meet Erik Anderson

Anderson grew up around the San Francisco Bay area. He went on to graduate from Palo Alto High School in 2013, according to the school’s sports magazine, which did a story on Anderson in May 2020.

Who Is Tracy Tutor's Boyfriend? Meet Erik Anderson

Anderson played football and was on the wrestling team when he was in high school. He told The Viking that his interest in weightlifting and bodybuilding began here because he spent so much time in the weight room for team sports. Anderson said he started making custom workouts for himself and watched YouTube fitness videos to get ideas.

After finishing high school, Anderson went to Claremont McKenna College. He studied abroad for a semester in Vienna, where he met Austrian bodybuilder Onome Egger. Anderson said that after finishing college, he moved to New York City to help Egger’s career. But this plan fell through when Egger was not given a green card. Since Anderson had already found an apartment in New York, he decided to stay. He got a job as a trainer at the Equinox Printing House in Manhattan.

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Age Gap Between Tracy And Her Boyfriend Erik Anderson

In case you didn’t know, Tracy’s fans were surprised to learn that her boyfriend is 20 years younger than she is. Even though Erik Anderson is only 27 and Tracy is 47, they seem to have a lot in common, like how much they both love dogs and go to the gym. Erik’s tips for working out at home and staying fit during the pandemic were featured in the Wall Street Journal in August 2021.

Erik and Tracy seem to be happy in their relationship and with each other.

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