All About Tyler Lepley’s Girlfriend Miracle Watts And Their Relationship!

Tyler Lepley, an American actor, gained widespread recognition for his exceptional performance as Benjamin “Benny” Young on the prime-time soap opera, The Haves, and the Have Nots, produced by Tyler Perry. Notably, this show made history by being the first scripted TV series to be broadcasted on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, the actor praised his girlfriend Miracle Watts, and also addressed past public tensions between Watts and his ex-girlfriend April King.

While appearing on The Breakfast Club, Tyler Lepley cleared up a common misconception by stating that April King, who was previously thought to be his former fiancée, was actually just his girlfriend. Comedian Jess Hilarious, who was co-hosting the interview, inquired about the relationship dynamics between King and Lepley’s current girlfriend Miracle Watts.

When Did Miracle Watts and Tyler Lepley Start Dating?

Towards the end of 2021, Miracle Watts and Tyler Lepley publicly confirmed their romantic relationship. Although they were first seen together in the summer of that year, they quickly became a fan-favorite couple and were frequently spotted together at various events.

All About Tyler Lepley's Girlfriend Miracle Watts And Their Relationship!

In a bold display of commitment, both individuals got each other’s names tattooed on their bodies. Tyler got the name “Miracle” tattooed on his rib, which was confirmed by Watts herself. She even shared a birthday tribute to Lepley in March 2022, which further solidified their relationship with fans and followers alike.

Miracle Watts and Tyler Lepley became proud parents in October 2022 with the arrival of their first child together, a son named Xi Leì Lepley.

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Who Is Miracle Watts, Tyler Lepley’s Girlfriend?

Miracle Watts is a well-known personality on Instagram, where she has garnered fame as a model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Her rise to fame began after being mentioned by Drake on the OB O’Brien track, 2 On Thotful. She was born on January 30, 1993, and started her career as an exotic dancer at Dreams, a Houston-based club.

Growing up, she had a keen interest in fashion, beauty, and photography. She previously gained recognition as a professional twerker.

All About Tyler Lepley's Girlfriend Miracle Watts And Their Relationship!

After gaining popularity as a social media influencer and Instagram celebrity, Watts’ status was further elevated when Drake mentioned her in his song “2 On Thotful” in 2014. This led to her becoming a highly sought-after Instagram model and she was briefly represented by Facet Studios.

Watts also dabbled in entrepreneurship by creating her own line of faux eyelashes and faux hair. While it took her only four months to establish the eyelash line, she dedicated an entire year to developing the hairline. Her hard work paid off, as she successfully launched The Miracle Lash in January 2015, which garnered her approximately one million followers on Instagram. She subsequently launched The Miracle Tresses as well.

What Happened Between Tyler Lepley’s Current And Ex-Girlfriend?

In early July, Miracle offered a message of encouragement to fellow entrepreneurs who were facing obstacles, particularly financial ones. She advised them to stay motivated and consistent, and shared her own personal motivation, saying “I’m finna be a mama or whatever. I gotta buy some milk, I got kids to feed. So I just can’t give up. I just say this to say, y’all don’t give up, keep going. We got this gworls. We got it boo.”

However, King appeared to take issue with Miracle’s use of the word “kids” in the plural form. Although Miracle was still pregnant at the time, Lepley had already fathered two children with April, named Leo and Jade. Later on, Watts gave birth to their son, Xi Leí Lepley, in October 2022.

All About Tyler Lepley's Girlfriend Miracle Watts And Their Relationship!

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Miracle acknowledged in the comments that she intentionally used the word “kids,” stating, “Yes, I have 3 kids.” However, King disputed Miracle’s claim and replied, “…you do? You have met Leo twice and Jade once. They are not your children.”

Miracle then responded to King’s comment with a three-part explanation in the same comment section. She wrote, “@aprilamking #1 I would never try to fulfill your shoes as a mother, I have my own shoes to fill. #2 as [a] woman and mother you should feel good about someone who wants to embrace your children and includes them as a family. Would you prefer the opposite? #3 I don’t do internet games, you have my number MS.KING!”

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