Who Is Kelly Slater’s Girlfriend? Know About Their Relationship

Robert Kelly Slater, an American professional surfer, was born on February 11, 1972. He has won the World Surf League championship a record eleven times. Slater has won 56 Championship Tour events and is generally considered the best professional surfer of all time.  Slater, at age 49, is the oldest surfer to ever competed in the World Surf League, and he just won his eighth Billabong Pipeline Masters title.

Kelly Slater, a legend of the sport of surfing, has announced that he will hang up his board after the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Many are curious about his private life after hearing about his retirement announcement. Kelly has been dating Kalani Miller for a decade and a half. In this article, we’ll talk about his girlfriend and their relationship.

Meet Kelly Slater’s Girlfriend, Kalani Miller

Miller is a talented artist and surfer who grew up in the California beach town of San Clemente. She was raised by a clan of surfers, artists, and ocean enthusiasts who all pushed her to find her own voice.

She spent a lot of time as a kid painting and drawing. Kalani started modeling when she was a teenager, in addition to surfing and art. Then, she went to college and is now the CEO of her own company she founded with her degree.

Who Is Kelly Slater's Girlfriend? Know About Their Relationship

Her sister and she started a swimwear business called Mikoh, where she gets to put her talents and interests to work. The company’s culture is a synthesis of coastal California’s relaxed vibes with urban sophistication.

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Inside Miller And Slater’s Relationship

Miller and Slater met for the first time around 2006 at a trade show in San Diego. Their booths were on opposite sides of the room. Even though they both worked in the same field, they had never met.

They were friends at first, but one day Slater told Miller he loved her. She knew in her heart that they’d met for the first time in France. Kelly is very passionate about surfing, which he does a lot.

Who Is Kelly Slater's Girlfriend? Know About Their Relationship

Miller likes this and thinks it’s rare to find someone who is so passionate about what they do. Love for the ocean and surfing is still a big part of the couple’s relationship. Miller said in a 2019 interview that she hoped she and Slater would get married someday, even though it wasn’t a priority for them at the time because they were so busy.

Miller wrote that Slater was his “ride or die” when they did the fantastic surfing trick barrel ride.
When asked what they planned to do about having kids, she said she wanted two or three. She did say, though, that she wasn’t sure how Kelly would handle being a dad, given how competitive he was.

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Kelly Slater Praised His Girlfriend Kalani Miller’s Latest Venture

The Miller siblings just came out with a new line of swimsuits for women who have had breast cancer or are still fighting it. So, Kelly Slater wrote a beautiful note to his girlfriend Kalani Miller to tell her how happy he was that she started a new segment.

Who Is Kelly Slater's Girlfriend? Know About Their Relationship

Recently, the 51-year-old posted a nice thing about Miller on his Instagram story. The surfer shared the reel that was posted by “Mikoh’s” official Instagram account. Slater wrote, “Proud of @kalanimiller and @oleemamiller for launching their @mikoh #StrengthCollection,” praising the Miller siblings.

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