Vera Wang Husband: Vera And Her Daughters Radiate Age-Defying Holiday Trio

Vera Ellen Wang, an American fashion designer, began her professional journey in figure skating but eventually shifted her focus to the world of fashion. Prior to establishing her own bridal gown boutique in 1990, she gained valuable experience working for renowned names such as Vogue and Ralph Lauren.

Wang achieved global acclaim for her exquisite wedding dress designs, which have been donned by various celebrities. Over time, she broadened her brand’s scope, incorporating ready-to-wear fashion, accessories, fragrances, and home goods into her repertoire.

many individuals are intrigued to learn more about Vera Wang’s husband. This article will delve into the details of Vera Wang’s marriage, including when they tied the knot and the subsequent discussion about their divorce. Additionally, we will explore recent events, such as the age-defying holiday photo featuring Vera Wang, 74, and her daughters.

Vera Wang Husband: Inside Vera’s Marriage & Split

In 1989, Vera Wang entered into matrimony with Arthur P. Becker in an interfaith ceremony that seamlessly blended Baptist and Jewish traditions. Becker, previously a strategist for the technology company NaviSite, brought his expertise as an investor and businessman into the union.

Vera Wang Husband: Vera And Her Daughters Radiate Age-Defying Holiday Trio

The couple welcomed two daughters into their lives, Cecilia and Josephine, both of whom were adopted—an aspect Wang openly discusses in interviews. Despite initially being regarded as one of the power couples in the fashion industry, Wang and Becker eventually decided to part ways.

After 23 years of marriage, they amicably separated in 2012, Wang and Becker opted not to publicly disclose additional statements about their divorce, keeping the reasons behind their parting private.

In 2013, rumors circulated suggesting that Wang was involved in a romantic relationship with 27-year-old Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek, an assertion she vehemently denied. During an interview with 92NY, Wang clarified that her connection with Lysacek was that of a mentor, emphasizing that their relationship was not a factor in her divorce from Becker.

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Wang chose not to elaborate further on the details of her separation from Becker, but she did acknowledge that he remains a significant presence in her life. At the age of 74, Wang, who has not been romantically linked to another partner, maintains a low profile in her personal life. Rarely seen in public with her adult daughters, she continues to devote her time to her brand and professional pursuits.

Vera Wang’s Glamorous Christmas Celebration: A Stylish Departure

Fashion icon Vera Wang, renowned for her stunning bridal and red carpet designs, chose a departure from traditional holiday attire this Christmas. Instead of the usual matching family pajamas, Wang and her family embraced a dazzling display of glamour.

Vera Wang Husband: Vera And Her Daughters Radiate Age-Defying Holiday Trio

On Christmas Day, the 74-year-old designer delighted fans by sharing festive family photos on Instagram. The images showcased their impeccable style, as they donned demi-couture gowns from Wang’s own brand’s Haute line. Wang captioned the heartwarming photos with, “Me and my girls!!! So happy together.”

The pictures capture the Wang family immersed in holiday spirit, with Vera Wang herself taking center stage in a radiant metallic gown of her own design. The luminous teal fabric sparkled beneath the Christmas lights, and she complemented her look with stunning jewelry from her LOVE collection with Zales, adding an extra layer of sparkle to the celebration.

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Daughters Cecilia Becker, 33, and Josephine Becker, 30, stood proudly behind their mother, radiating elegance in coordinating metallic gowns that echoed Wang’s festive flair. Paired with Santa hats, the dresses exuded sophistication, glittering gracefully beneath the glow of the Christmas tree lights. Vera Wang’s holiday celebration underscores her fearless approach to fashion, proving that style knows no age at 74.

Explore Vera Wang’s Success Journey

In 1990, Vera Wang inaugurated her own design salon at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, showcasing her iconic bridal gowns. Over the years, she expanded her brand globally, establishing bridal boutiques in New York, London, Tokyo, and Sydney. Additionally, Wang diversified her portfolio with fragrance, jewelry, eyewear, shoes, and homeware collections.

Vera Wang Husband: Vera And Her Daughters Radiate Age-Defying Holiday Trio

The “White by Vera Wang” line debuted on February 11, 2011, at David’s Bridal, offering bridal gowns ranging from $600 to $1,400. Wang entered the home fashion industry in 2002 with The Vera Wang China and Crystal Collection, followed by the 2007 launch of her exclusive line, Simply Vera, available at Kohl’s.

In spring 2012, Wang collaborated with Men’s Wearhouse to introduce two tuxedo styles for both retail and rental. Expanding internationally, she opened “Vera Wang Bride Sydney” in Australia and her flagship store, “Vera Wang Bridal Korea,” in Seoul’s upscale Cheongdam-dong neighborhood in June 2012.

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In a 2013 CBS interview, Wang discussed her evolution from journalist to businesswoman, describing it as a “painful” but necessary transition. She emphasized the shift from the initial freedom of innocence to navigating the constraints and responsibilities of decision-making in both micro and macro aspects of her work, whether in fashion or business.

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