Who Is Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend? Is She Dating Matt Kaplan?

Alexandra Cooper rose to prominence as the co-host of the podcast “Call Her Daddy” with her friend Sofia Franklyn. The podcast debuted on Barstool Sports in 2018 and quickly became a blockbuster. Alex Copper has even amassed a significant amount of over 2 million followers on her Instagram, which is under the name @alexandracooper.

Fans also want to talk about Alex’s personal life. Everyone is curious about her boyfriend now. However, she previously dropped hints about her secret boyfriend in her podcast a few times, but she’s still keeping it to herself. However, those who listen to her podcast regularly have come to believe that Matt Kaplan, a movie producer, and businessman, is her secretive boyfriend. Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Is Alex Cooper Dating Matt Kaplan?

The host of “Call Her Daddy” never identified Kaplan as her boyfriend on screen. During the height of the epidemic in 2020, the two people who were part of the conference met through Zoom. A business dinner allegedly led to Cooper’s fast enamored with the ruggedly beautiful film producer.

Who Is Alex Cooper's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Matt Kaplan?

Their dinner date quickly blossomed into a weeklong fling, but they had to keep their relationship under wraps due to their respective professional commitments. Cooper did, however, spill the beans on her boyfriend a little bit.

We’ll have to wait for Alex and Matt to come out in public with their relationship before we can move forward with any of the conclusions.

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Why Do Fans Think Alex Is Dating Matt Kaplan?

Who Is Alex Cooper's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Matt Kaplan?

Alex has been coy about the identity of her boyfriend. Alex Cooper refers to her lover as Mr. Sexy Zoom Man in several episodes of her podcast, Call Her Daddy. In addition, she mentioned that Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is a film producer and that his dog’s name is Henry. Alex’s loyal fan base was quick to identify Matt Kaplan as the mysterious man she had been talking about.

All You Need To Know About Matt Kaplan, Alex Cooper’s Rumored Boyfriend

Matthew Kaplan was born on April 14, 1984. He went to Columbia University and got his BA while playing quarterback for the Lions, his college football team. After he graduated, Les Moonves, the president of CBS, hired him as an intern, which turned into a job as the director of digital development.

After leaving CBS on good terms, he went to Lionsgate Films and oversaw projects such as They Came Together with Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd. He signed a first-look deal with Blumhouse Productions, a huge company that makes horror movies. Before Kaplan moved on to Awesomeness in 2015, Chapter One made movies like The Lazarus Effect and 6 Miranda Drive. At Awesomeness, he was in charge of the film division.

Who Is Alex Cooper's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Matt Kaplan?

This was a big job because the company was new to the movie business, but Kaplan came through and helped make several movies for young adults. One of these was Before I Fall, which came out in 2017 and starred Zoey Deutch. Kaplan worked at Awesomeness for two years before leaving to try again to start his own production company. This company is now called ACE Entertainment, and it caters to young adults.

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Alex Cooper’s Past Relationships

Cooper’s ex-boyfriends and love life are indeed a huge part of her podcast, and just like fans were able to find Kaplan, many of her exes aren’t really a secret. One thing is that Cooper dated NBC actor Ryan Eggold for five short dates. His work on 90210 and The Blacklist made him famous.

Noah Syndergaard, who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies, was her boyfriend in the past. On the podcast, he is known as “Slim Shady,” and he is one of the only confirmed relationships the podcaster has had to date.

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