Who Is Amouranth’s husband? She Revealed Abusive Side of Him!

Amouranth is an Instagram model, YouTuber, and twitch streamer. On Instagram, she has amassed 38.5K followers. Her real name is Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa.

She has been at the top of the Twitch streamer charts for a long time and is the most-watched female streamer in the world. She is well-known for both Twitch and cosplaying. She has dressed up as many gaming characters, including Tracer from Overwatch.

Recently, Amouranath is making headlines only because of her latest live stream. In the live video, Amouranth, who looked upset, declared that she is married and said that she and her husband “fight all the time.”

Who Is Amouranth's husband? Is She Really Married?

In this article, we would get to know all about Amouranth’s husband and what else she said in video. So, guys keep reading the post till the end.

Amouranth Relationship Status : Is She Married?

In a live video, Amouranth said, “I’ve been wanting to tell people. Let’s just stream together and tell everyone we’re married. If we just got along instead of fighting all the time, our relationship would be so much better. But NO, Mr. “Don’t say that it will ruin the business model, it’s not time yet.” I’ve had enough of it. You want me to tell them that I’m single? “Well, it’s almost going to happen.”

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Her fans are very surprised to hear that she is married. But with her level of fame, it is easy to see why she has chosen to keep much of her private life hidden from the public. More Twitch streamers and content creators should do the same.

Who Is Amouranth's husband? Is She Really Married?

Amouranth also leaked her husband’s abusive conversation with her, which seems to be so insane. Amouranth fights with her husband and says he told her to act like she was single in front of her audience.

Who Is Amouranth husband?

One thing that many fans will be curious about is who her husband is. But Amouranth hasn’t said who he is or if he is a creator or in the public eye at all.

We would definitely update you when the further details emerge.

People Made Comments Regarding Amouranth’s Live Video

One reddit user said, “it was all done for publicity and money. She gets the news pop from word coming out that she’s married, and a never-ending stream a simps who want to be her white knight come along and spend even more money on her.”

Who Is Amouranth's husband? Is She Really Married?

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Another user wrote, “Crazy how you can be hot and rich and still end up with a complete loser. I can understand it a bit more when it happens to dudes because we have two brains. How the hell did Amouranth’s husband sneak his little dingle in there? Does the dude lay pipe like a professional or what?”

“It’s even more crazy how many of the comments are just “whoa she has a husband?!” after showing the alleged texts from her husband.” other reddit user said.

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