Who Is Arnell Armon’s Boyfriend? Arnell Provides A Big ‘Life Update’!

Internet celebrity Arnell Armon was born in the United States and quickly became a viral sensation thanks to his videos and Instagram fame.

Instagram, in particular, exploded with followers after she began posting professionally-shot photos and videos of herself performing at music shows, demonstrating her talents. She also has a large number of followers on social media platforms. Her Instagram account has more than 718k followers.

American YouTuber Arnell has been interested in beauty since she was a child. By watching a beauty show, her interest in becoming a beautician grew. She also started taking part in activities at her middle school. Then she chose to become a beauty therapist. She and her twin sister Alissa make videos that they post on YouTube.

Is she still seeing Juwan Grant? Continue reading the article to learn more about Arnell’s current boyfriend.

Who Is Arnell Armon’s Boyfriend?

Well…Arnell is dating someone now, but she mentioned his name in the video.

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She said, “I’m like that was the best concert I’ve ever been to ever when I saw him at Coachella. I’m like I love him so when he texts me now, like, what I’m like well yeah. But I was trying to take my excitement. I’m like oh my gosh like yes duh like I’m not gonna say no to that so we went to the weekend concert and it was a great night it was really really fun, uh the weekend costume is great um he asked me to be his girlfriend I said yes!

Who Is Arnell Armon's Boyfriend? Arnell Provides A Big Life Update!

She ended her relationship with Juwan Grant. In her most recent video, she talked about this. In July 2022, they suddenly unfollowed each other and also deleted all the photographs of them together. Even, they also disappeared from each other’s vlogs. From then on, rumors spread that something is wrong between them.

Continue Reading to know more about what she revealed in her latest video.

Arnell Armon Gave A Life Update On YouTube

After 3 months, Arnell posted something on her YouTube account. She posted a 54-minute long video under the title “life update, why I disappeared for 3 months | Arnell Armon”.

Who Is Arnell Armon's Boyfriend? Arnell Provides A Big Life Update!

She also discussed when things went wrong between them. She said, “In May, I made a decision while in Vegas that completely, shifted things so after Vegas. I was supposed to go to Dallas for my friend Cynthia’s birthday festivities, but, while in Vegas I decide okay I’m just gonna go home instead of going to Dallas bad choice so I get home on the 15th or 16th, and originally I would have been in Dallas. However, on the 17th there was a big disagreement that took place and that was the ending of the relationship that you guys saw my post on my channel the past year I never plan to go into detail as to what occurred.”

She also expressed how hard it was, “I don’t know it was weird it almost made me cry because I’m like damn like you’re expressing a lot. But, it’s like I just feel like sometimes the messages you want to receive from certain people, you won’t receive them from that person but you might receive it from someone else and it’s weird but there was a part of me in which I knew that it kind of help with some type of closure situation I don’t know but I felt like I needed to hear this but I know that this is like the validation.”

How Fans Reacted To Her Video And Breakup News

YouTube user Cylia Boubeaia reacted, “Yeah nobody is gonna pull out a camera and film them fighting with their partner. That’s not realistic. I hope you learned from your experience. You deserve the world.”

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Another user Ximena Valentina was elated with her new relationship, she said, “

The way I GASPED when she said he asked her to be his girlfriend and the way I smiled when she said she said yes! I’m so happy for her! Glad the last 3 months did you well Arnell.”

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