Who Is Brittney Griner’s Wife? All You Need To Know About Cherelle Griner

Brittney Griner, who is the wife of Cherelle Griner has been recently released from a Russian jail. It’s clear that the WNBA star was indeed having a very hard time in prison in Russia. In 2022, the basketball star was arrested in Russia on drug charges, which made the couple notable around the world.

Cherelle Griner was heartbroken for more than 9 months, but on Thursday (December 8), she was happy to hear that her wife, Brittney Griner finally coming back to the U.S. Cherelle Griner, is starting to worry about her wife’s mental health.

Now, after her release from the jail, fans are curious to know more about her personal life. In case you are unfamiliar, Brittney Griner is one of the best players in the WNBA, and her wife Cherelle Griner is always there to cheer her on. Read on to know everything about Cherelle, who is well-known as Brittney Griner’s wife.

Know All About Cherelle And Brittney Griner’s Relationship

Brittney Griner, who is 32, married Cherelle Watson, who changed her name to Cherelle Griner in June 2019. Cherelle met Brittney at Baylor University in Texas, but they didn’t start dating until years later, after Brittney broke up with her now-ex-wife Glory Johnson in 2016.

Who Is Brittney Griner's Wife? All You Need To Know About Cherelle Griner

In June 2020, Britney wrote on Instagram, “I’ll never forget the day I met you in the sub area at Baylor.” “You tapped me on my shoulder and told me I took your milkshake and I was immediately blown away at your beauty! I knew you were the one for me even though you didn’t know it. You stuck by my side at the lowest”

In 2018, Brittney proposed to Cherelle. A year later, they got married. Since then, they have talked about each other a lot on social media, posting pictures from vacations and marking special days in their relationship.

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Cherelle Griner: Know All About Her

According to her LinkedIn page, Cherelle went to Baylor University between 2010 and 2014 and majored in political science and government while minoring in family and child studies. She graduated from the North Carolina Central University of Law in May 2022 and posted about it on Instagram.

“It is graduation day. Names just got a little longer: Cherelle T. Griner, J.D., “she captioned it.

In a past interview with Gayle King on CBS, Cherelle talked about her wife being held hostage at the time. In her first interview since Griner’s sentencing in August, Cherelle told King, “I never thought in a million years that our president and the president of a foreign land would be sitting down to talk about my wife’s freedom.”

Who Is Brittney Griner's Wife? All You Need To Know About Cherelle Griner

She has been quite active on social media, asking the government of the United States to take action and bring home her wife, who was previously in Russian jail. In December 2022, President Joe Biden told Cherelle at the White House that her wife had been freed from Russian custody. Cherelle was all smiles.

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