Who Is Brooklyn Willie’s Ex-Boyfriend? A Look Into Her Relationships

Brooklyn, a self-described country girl, aspires to become a professional rodeo racer and horse trainer. At a cocktail party on this season of The Bachelor, she demonstrated her lasso skills to Zach, highlighting her love for riding horses and practicing her rodeo skills daily. Her passion for horse barrel racing began at just 13 years old.

During the latest episode of ‘The Bachelor’ Season 27, several women, including Brooklyn Willie, opened up to Zach Shallcross about their past traumas. Brooklyn shared that her traumatic experience had made her take things slow in her relationship with Zach.

Brooklyn’s bravery shone through as she shared her unsettling past on national television. Opening up about her alleged emotional and physical abuse by an ex-boyfriend was no small feat, leaving fans of ‘The Bachelor’ curious about the details of her past experience.

Who Is Brooklyn Willie’s Ex-Boyfriend: A Look Into Her Past Relationship

Brooklyn, the rodeo girl, was clear about what she wanted in a partner. She desired someone who could love her with the same passion as her grandfather had loved her grandmother. However, she was equally certain about what she did not want – a partner like her father. She stated that she “didn’t want to marry someone like my dad,” but things took an unexpected turn.

Who Is Brooklyn Willie's Ex-Boyfriend? A Look Into Her Relationships

Despite her initial reservations, Brooklyn found herself in a relationship with someone who was similar to her father. The relationship began well, with Brooklyn expressing her thoughts and feelings freely. However, things quickly turned sour as her partner became increasingly controlling and emotionally abusive. Brooklyn recalled feeling like a shell of her former self, unable to speak up or be the person she once was.

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In the recently released episode of ‘The Bachelor‘ Season 27, Brooklyn opened up to Zach about her past. She revealed that her ex-partner’s behavior had left her mentally and physically scarred. As she cried, Brooklyn explained that she had endured six years of abuse, and it had taken a toll on her sense of self. However, she also spoke of the turning point that led her to take control of her life and refuse to let her past define her.

Brooklyn’s social media feed reveals that she rarely posts any pictures of men other than her father and a few friends, making it challenging to identify her ex-boyfriend. Her experience with her former partner left her with deep-seated insecurities.

What Inside Brooklyn An Zach’s Relationship?

Brooklyn, a 25-year-old blonde from Oklahoma, was among the lucky four women who met Zach early on during “The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose” in September. However, despite being one of the chosen few, she did not receive the coveted “America’s First Impression Rose.”

Who Is Brooklyn Willie's Ex-Boyfriend? A Look Into Her Relationships

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Brooklyn has expressed admiration for Zach and his ability to listen to her story, saying “Zach is amazing for being receptive to [my story] and for making me feel comfortable. I never had a reciprocated love.” Despite this, it appears that Brooklyn will end up being “friend-zoned” by Zach in the upcoming episode of ‘The Bachelor’ Season 27. Although she manages to stay in the show until week 7, Brooklyn would ultimately be eliminated after not receiving a rose from Zach.

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