Who Is Dj Akademiks Girlfriend? Altercation Video Goes Viral

DJ Akademiks has been in a lot of scandals in the past, but the one he is in right now might be the worst one yet. After a recent Twitter post, one commenter dug up an old recording of Akademiks talking about having s*x with minor people. According to sources like The Neighborhood Talk, the audio was recorded in 2013, when Akademiks was only 20 years old.

Recently a video surfaced which showed Dj Akademiks getting into a heated altercation with his girlfriend who was drunk, and he was trying to de-escalate the fight she was involved in.

Who Is Dj Akademiks Girlfriend? Altercation Video Goes Viral

Now, netizens are curious to find out who is DJ Akademiks dating, so in this article we would find out who his girlfriend is.

Who Is DJ Akademiks Girlfriend?

There is a video making rounds on social media which appears to show Akademiks in an altercation or argument with his girlfriend.

In the video you could see that he’s erratically screaming at her trying to push her into a corner trying not to let her leave out of the area that she’s in. Akademiks definitely got little loud and a little forceful, he was putting his hands on her not to fight but to keep her in one spot. could tell he’s trying to keep her

DJ Akademiks later came with an explanation that he was just trying to break up a fight between his girlfriend, and another woman who was intending to take pics with him

He explained that there was a group of young ladies who wanted to take pictures with him, his girlfriend was drunk and got jealous so she ended up getting aggressive with the group of girls. She gets swung on and ended up subsequently getting jumped.

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Akademiks went on to break the fight and save his girlfriend which is where the video started with him yelling at her – telling her to calm down.

Who Is Dj Akademiks Girlfriend? Altercation Video Goes Viral

DJ Akademiks hasn’t revealed any details about his girlfriend so far, so her name remains unknown. Since this story is currently under development, we would inform our readers with the name and other details of DJ Akademiks new girlfriend as soon as details emerge.

Who Has DJ Akademiks Dated In The Past? DJ Akademiks Ex-Girlfriend Angelica Ggx

DJ Akademiks has been in relationships with Angelica Ggx (2017 – 2018), DreamDoll, Nadeska Alexis and Cuban Doll.

Sources say that Angelica Ggx and Dj Akademiks started dating in 2017. Angelica Ggx and DJ Akademiks dated from November, 2017 to December, 2018.

At the start of their relationship, Angelica said that DJ Akademiks had hurt her and that he didn’t want to be with her. She is said to have threatened the musician with physical violence and intimidation, which led to this alleged abuse. Because of this, the rapper’s friends and fans started to think that she had hurt the woman. Still, Angelica says she has proof that her boyfriend abused her and cheated on her.

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Angelica got into a fight with DJ Akademiks after she said that he laughed when a group of people were killed in Chicago. Since then, the rapper has gotten into a lot of fights and now acts in a passive-aggressive way.

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