Who Is Craig Biggio’s Wife? Know About Biggio’s Kids!

Craig Alan Biggio was born on December 14, 1965, in Smithtown, New York. He is a former Major League Baseball player who spent his entire career with the Houston Astros. He has 3,060 hits for his career, which puts him at number 20 all-time. He is also the ninth player in the 3000-hit club who got all of his hits with the same team. He is now the head varsity baseball coach at Houston, Texas’s St. Thomas High School.

Craig Biggio went to Kings Park High School on Long Island, New York, and did well there as a varsity athlete in many sports. Most importantly, Biggio won the Hansen Award for being the best football player in Suffolk County after the 1983 season. But, baseball was Biggio’s true love, so much so that he turned down football scholarships to play baseball for Seton Hall University.

As good as he was at work, he was also good in his personal life. The actor is married and has children. Read the article carefully to find out more.

Who Is Craig Biggio’s Wife?

Craig Biggio’s wife is Patty Biggio AKA Patricia Egan. She has three kids named Cavan Biggio, Quinn Patricia Biggio, and Conor Joseph Biggio. On February 10, 1990, Patty and her husband got married.

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Patricia Egan was the youngest of four children who grew up in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She had three older brothers, so sports were always around her. In high school, she cheered and did gymnastics. She had worked at her local hospital for years before she started the nursing program at Seton Hall.

Who Is Craig Biggio's Wife? Know About Biggio's Kids!

She started as a waitress at St. Peter’s Medical Center’s coffee shop when she was 11 and worked her way up. “I really enjoy helping other people. I loved taking care of patients and talking to them and their families,” she told The Athletic. “I was born to be a nurse.”

How Did Craig And Patty Meet?

She was studying to become a nurse when she met a kid from Long Island with wide eyes and a great smile who wanted to be a baseball player. Craig Biggio walked into the student pub on campus where she worked as a bartender when she was a junior. Some of her friends were dating his teammates, and even though it wasn’t love at first sight, Patty knew there was something there, as per The Athletic.

Who Is Craig Biggio's Wife? Know About Biggio's Kids!

Patty’s focus didn’t change much when she started dating a college athlete. She didn’t give up on nursing, even though she was in a new relationship, had a lot of classes, and worked three nights a week at the hospital.

Know About Craig Biggio’s Kids

Craig and his wife are blessed with three children. The Biggios’ first child, Conor, was born in January 1993. Craig had to leave for spring training just a month after Conor was born, so Patty had to take care of her new baby until they could join him in March.

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In August 1994, Patty was pregnant with their second child. Craig left for a short spring training, and Patty was on her own once again. Craig flew back to Houston from Florida one day before Patty went into labor. On April 12, 1995, she gave birth to their second boy, Cavan. A little more than 24 hours later, Craig had to get back on an airplane.

Who Is Craig Biggio's Wife? Know About Biggio's Kids!

In 1999, Patty gave birth to their third child, a daughter named Quinn. All three of the Biggio children were into sports. Conor and Cavan played soccer and Little League when they were young, and then they played football and baseball in high school. Quinn, on the other hand, played soccer, basketball, and swam until the eighth grade, and she played volleyball and softball in high school.

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