Why Did Sarah Shahi Divorce Steve Howey? Her Net Worth, Career, Height

Steve Howey and his wife Sarah Shahi got divorced on January 29, 2021. Their breakup surprised many fans since they had been together for more than a decade.

According to court documents obtained by Us, Steve, 44, and Sarah, 42, have joint legal and physical custody of their three children: son William, 11, and twins Violet and Knox, 7. No one pays child support, and the exes kept everything they owned, like jewelry, clothes, and furniture.

Howey’s divorce from Sarah Shahi has been a big part of his life’s news in the last year.

Why Did Sarah Shahi Divorce Steve Howey? Her Net Worth, Career, Height

They broke up for the first time in May 2020, when he filed for a divorce. The divorce was finalized about six months after that. At least in public, Howey and Shahi have been friendly about their breakup.

Let’s take a look at why Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey decided to get a divorce.

Why Did Steve Howey And Sarah Shahi Get Divorced?

Sarah Shahi filed for divorce in May 2020, citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to Us Weekly. According to court papers, they broke up in April 2020. Howey and Shahi didn’t say why they broke up, but they did say, “We are so thankful for the 10 years we spent together and proud of the children we raised.”

Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi tried to keep most of their relationship private. Since they broke up, they haven’t said much about it either.

Why Did Sarah Shahi Divorce Steve Howey? Her Net Worth, Career, Height

The actor did give an interview to Talk Nerdy With Us, where he hinted that their busy schedules were mostly to blame for their relationship falling apart. When their children were born, things got worse.

“It was really hard when we had kids,” Howey said. “We are both actors, so we were both very tired. When we got home, if we had any energy left, it went to the kids, not to each other.”

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So, joining the dots. a possible reason for Steve and Sarah’s split is they were too busy with work. Howey has been busy filming the last season of Shameless, and Shahi has been in many projects over the years, including The Rookie, Persons of Interest, and Sex/Life for Netflix.

How Did Steve Howey And Sarah Shahi Meet?

Sarah Shahi kept getting small roles in movies and TV shows after her short time on Alias. She was in one episode of Frasier, one episode of ER, and three episodes of Dawson’s Creek.

In 2004, she was cast in The CW’s Reba, a sitcom where Steve Howey’s character, Van Montgomery, was a main character. On this set, the two people who would later fall in love met for the first time. Shahi was in one episode that year and then came back for another in 2007.

Why Did Sarah Shahi Divorce Steve Howey? Her Net Worth, Career, Height

In between those two appearances, Shahi started dating Howey, and they got engaged in 2008. In a ceremony in Las Vegas on February 7, the next year, they walked down the aisle.

They had their first child, a boy they named William Wolf, a few months later. In March 2015, they had twins, Violet Moon and Knox Blue, who brought two more children into the family.

A few years later, things started to go wrong which led to Howey filing for divorce in 2020.

What Is Sarah Shahi’s Net Worth And Height?

Sarah Shahi’s height is 5′ 3″.

As per celebrity net worth, Sarah Shahi’s net worth is a respectable $3 Million.

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Sarah Shahi’s Early Life And Career

Shahi is an Iranian and Spanish-American actress who was born in Texas and started out as a model. Sarah Shahi is her professional name. She was born with the name Aahoo Jahansouzshahi, which is Persian.

Why Did Sarah Shahi Divorce Steve Howey? Her Net Worth, Career, Height

When she was 8, her parents started to sign her up for beauty pageants. This made her want to be a model, which she did until she was an adult. She decided to try acting while she was still a model, and she got some jobs as extras in L.A.

Alias, a sci-fi action-thriller show made by J.J. Abrams, was her first big role. She has since been in movies and TV shows like “City Guys,” “Spin City,” “Boston Public,” “Alias,” “My Adventures in Television,” “Old School,” “Dawson’s Creek,” “ER,” “A Lot Like Love,” “Reba,” “Supernatural,” “The L Word,” “Life,” “Fairly Legal,” and “Chicago Fire.” She is a co-star on “Person of Interest” right now.

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