Who Is Will Neff’s Girlfriend Caroline Kwan? Here’s What We Know!

WillNeff was born in Manhattan on September 14, 1989. When he was seven, his family moved to Princeton, NJ. Because he had ADHD and dyslexia, he had a hard time in school. As a child, he spent most of his summers alone at his parents’ house on Beaver Island, so he spent a lot of time watching TV.

This got him interested in telling stories. But he got into acting when he took a Film class at his boarding school high school in an attempt to get closer to a girl he liked. His teacher saw that he had talent and suggested that he go into film production as a career.

On her advice, he spent a couple of months as an intern at The Second City in Chicago after he graduated from high school. After that, he went to college and got a Master’s degree in film from Elon University. He then moved to Hollywood, California, to try to make a name for himself in the film industry.

Before he started streaming full-time, he was an actor for Buzzfeed and The Young Turks. Will Neff’s professional life always draws the paparazzi to his side. However, the streamer is making news at the moment because of his personal life. People are inquiring about their stars’ private lives. To learn more, read the article in its entirety.

Who Is Will Neff’s Girlfriend?

Will Neff is currently dating Caroline Kwan. It looks like they are together for a long time. Caroline Kwan is a writer. According to her LinkedIn profile, Kwan is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter. Caroline Kwan is known for Chicago P.D. (2014), The End of Us (2021), and God Incorporated (2019).

Who Is Will Neff's Girlfriend Caroline Kwan? Here's What We Know!

She has prior experience in Special Events at sbe Lifestyle Hospitality Contract (Jan 2017 – Jun 2019), Marketing at Scream Entertainment, LLC Contract, and International Productions Trainee at Sony Pictures Entertainment (May 2019 – Jul 2020). (Oct 2016 – Jan 2018).

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At Saint Louis University, she earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Theatre, French, and International Studies. She is also a Twitch Streamer.

However, there is not much information available on Caroline.

Will Neff Opened On Twitch Delaying His Contract

Will Neff, came back from TwitchCon 2022 on October 11 and hosted a Just Chatting Livestream. Will Neff said that his Twitch contract renegotiation was delayed on purpose while he was talking to his viewers.

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He said that Twitch told him in September that his contract would end in October.
After talking to Twitch about this contract renewal, they said that the streamer had to give them 90 days’ notice. Will felt strongly about the situation and said:

“F**k you! They know why they do it. They do it to f**k you over. I’m tired of this s**t, bro!”

Who Is Will Neff's Girlfriend Caroline Kwan? Here's What We Know!

Will Neff said he was “tired” of Twitch’s tricks and couldn’t defend the Amazon-owned live-streaming platform anymore. Will Neff said that YouTube was “killing” Twitch and that most content creators haven’t switched platforms because their audiences are still there.

“YouTube is killing you. Absolutely s***ting on you! If there’s any reason that we haven’t left, is that our audience is here. Right? In the last year, what victory can we speak to? In the last year, what has like, Twitch creators can be like, ‘Sick! I’m glad they’d do that.”

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