Who Is Kacey Musgraves’ Boyfriend? Complete Relationship Timeline

Kacey Musgraves praised her boyfriend Cole Schafer.

The “Justified” singer opened up about her relationship with writer Schafer in a new interview with Time, where she was honored as one of their 2022 Women of the Year.

Musgraves, 33, claims the words of her song “Breadwinner” do not reflect her relationship with Schafer, 28, with whom she has been associated since June.

“I’m not the only one who’s gone through it, and I won’t be the last,” she added to a song about a man who can’t handle his wife’s success. “It’s always easier to put vulnerable thoughts out there when you know you’ll be welcomed with the connection.”

Despite this, the singer, who recently completed her Star-Crossed Tour, claims that things are different with Schafer.

When did the couple make their relationship official?

In an interview with The New York Times in August, Musgraves acknowledged their relationship, stating they met after meeting eyes in a busy restaurant and that he had no idea who she was at the time, which she “loved.”

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Despite her high-profile divorce from ex-husband Ruston Kelly in 2020, the Grammy winner has indicated that she has no intention of keeping her personal life private.

She told Time, “I don’t really want to keep things concealed because I’m proud of the love that I have.” “I’m ecstatic. It’s only natural to want to share your excitement with others. And I don’t want to appear robotic; I feel people like me because I am myself.”

Nonetheless, she admitted that being a famous figure means that others would add their two cents, whether she likes it or not.

“Keep in mind that you’re looking at things through a magnifying glass, and everything can be taken apart,” she continued. “The trolls will contact you.” I’d be lying if I said that didn’t disturb me. People tend to disregard the fact that true emotions are present. But it also makes me worry for the people involved; I can’t imagine being so miserable that I feel obligated to propagate negativity.”

Musgraves commemorated Schafer’s birthday in January, describing him as “zen in the midst of the mayhem” in a public post.

“Every day,” she added, “I thank my fortunate stars that you exist and that I get to appreciate a man like you.” “Let’s hope this year is even more wonderful than the one before it.”

Kacey Musgraves and Cole Schafer’s Relationship Timeline

June 2021

The couple sparked romantic suspicions after being photographed holding hands and hugging in New York City.

Kacey Musgraves and Cole Schafer's Relationship Timeline

“I’m trying so hard not to write about her,” the writer, who goes by the pen name January Black, captioned a Polaroid photo of the couple shortly after they were spotted together.

August 2021

Musgraves highlighted the couple’s close bond in a New York Times interview about her Star Crossed album. While Schafer admitted that Kelly had not heard her new work before it was released, which was inspired by their breakup, she applauded her songwriting ability.

“I’ve also listened to her new album three times, and that s—t f—ks,” the poet said on Instagram.

September 2021

A month later, the couple posed for a gorgeous Instagram snap, which the singer simply labeled “Him.”

December 2021

To raise money for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital patients, the two co-hosted a “Teddy Bear Ball.” Schafer gushed about “my girl” in a charming Instagram post about the event, stating, “Kacey made the magic happen.” And I was fascinated by what a small group of talented people might accomplish in just a few weeks by pursuing something bigger than themselves.”

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January 2022

“Stunning. Steadfast. In the middle of turmoil, you are the zen. As I came into that room the night before, you were the ball of light that stopped me dead in my tracks. On his birthday, Musgraves paid a long Instagram tribute to her beau, writing, “You: lover of deep discussions and soul-satisfying dinners.” “You: the person with whom I can burst out laughing in the middle of the night, then fall asleep and cherish that first cup of coffee the next morning.”

Kacey Musgraves and Cole Schafer's Relationship Timeline

She stated in her tweet, “I learn so much from you.” Your 28 years on Earth pale in contrast to your spiritual years, and you’re a gem and a teacher. You f—king walk the walk, and it’s because of that that you’re so well-liked and respected. I thank my lucky stars every day that you exist and that I get to be loved by someone as wonderful as you. “Let’s hope this year is even more wonderful than the one before it.”

March 2022

“I don’t really want to keep things private because I’m happy of the love that I have,” the performer stated during her Women of the Year interview. “I’m ecstatic. It’s only natural to want to share your excitement with others. And I don’t want to appear robotic; I feel people like me because I am myself. But bear in mind that you’re working under a microscope, and anything might be dismantled.”

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