Who Is Kamie Crawford’s Boyfriend? Everything You Need To Know

The host of “Catfish,” Kamie Crawford, is a well-known television personality who originally appeared on the show as a rotating presenter in the year 2000 before becoming the show’s regular co-host the following year.

She received widespread media attention as a result of her excellent achievements in beauty pageants, long before she became a well-known television personality.

On the other hand, she was named Miss Maryland Teen USA 2010 on November 1, 2009, and Miss Teen USA 2010 on July 24, 2010. She was also only the fourth African-American and third Hispanic woman in the sport’s history to win the title.

Gordon Dillard, Kamie Crawford’s boyfriend, isn’t well-known, but he works in the entertainment industry and has a great career.

Gordon Dillard, Kamie Crawford’s Boyfriend, Who Is He?

Kamie met her lover, Gordon Dillard, a well-known music business personality, in May of 2016, according to reports. Dillard also works as a music manager for musicians such as Arin Ray and Doja Cat.

Soon after their first encounter, they began seeing each other on a daily basis, and things proceeded from there. According to Kamie, Dillard is a wonderful guy who pushes her to be her best self while still providing her the space she requires.

Who Is Kamie Crawford’s Boyfriend? Everything You Need To Know

Gordon, according to Kamie, is a veteran of the music industry who is familiar with her work and history, making them a great match.

According to sources, Dillard stated that they fought throughout quarantine, but that the battles made them “stronger than before.” There are presently no valid details about the couple’s marriage plans.

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How Old Is Gordon Dillard?

Gordon Dillard is currently 34 years old. He was born on June 13th, 1987, and was granted citizenship in the United States.

Dillard’s official Wikipedia page has yet to be updated, despite the fact that he works as a music manager. According to his LinkedIn page, he also specialises in launching the career of a budding musician.

Before becoming a manager, he worked in A&R at Universal, and in an interview with FTS, he said the position did not provide him with the hands-on experience interacting with artists that he desired.

He credits a fortunate encounter with Sean “Diddy” Combs, who helped him progress his career in the music industry, with his determination to never stop learning.

Kamie Crawford’s Net Worth:

Kamie Crawford’s net worth is believed to be $2 million. Her pay isn’t disclosed.


Gordon Dillard’s Net Worth:

Gordon Dillard has a net worth of over a million dollars as a music manager. Dillard’s income is largely derived from his prosperous career in the entertainment industry.

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The following figure is simply a conjecture because the manager has kept his profits and other information hidden.

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