Who Is Kathy Fang’s Husband? Detailed Look Into Her Personal Life!

Chef Dynasty: House of Fang, a documentary series about Peter and Lily Fang and their daughter Kathy Fang, premiered on Food Network on Tuesday, December 27, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET. In the series, Peter and Lily seem to support traditional ways of cooking Chinese food, but Kathy Fang argues for modernizing menus and using social media and influencers to promote the restaurant.

Since Kathy spent most of her childhood watching her parents run HONK, she became interested in cooking. Kathy Fang is the chef and co-owner of Fang, a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco that offers a fresh take on dishes from both Northern and Southern China. She is also the author of the popular and multifaceted food blog MyFangalicious.com. Kathy grew up in the Bay Area, where she and her family had achieved a kind of “royalty” through the years.

Who Is Kathy Fang's Husband? Detailed Look Into Her Personal Life!

Netizens are now interested to know everything in depth about Kathy Fang’s personal life. For those who are unaware, Kathy is a married woman. In this post, we’ll talk about her husband and their relationship.

Know About Kathy Fang’s Husband: Inside Their Relationship

Kathy Fang is happily married to her husband, whose name is Caleb Sima.

It was in 2010 when Caleb and Kathy began dating after meeting in the Bay Area. Even though he is not a chef, Kathy’s partner is a well-known figure in his own right. His LinkedIn profile states that he has been working in cybersecurity since 1996 and is currently the chief security officer for the cryptocurrency app Robinhood. People often refer to him as a “visionary in the information security industry.”

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Kathy and Caleb both have their own strengths, but they prioritize their partner’s interests first. When Caleb proposed to his girlfriend in 2014, he knew the two of them needed a special meal to commemorate the occasion. When Caleb’s proposal to Kathy in Paris the year prior fell through, he tried again in San Francisco with the aid of one of her favorite chefs, Chef Gary Danko.

Who Is Kathy Fang's Husband? Detailed Look Into Her Personal Life!

“He arranged for a car to bring us up, and we arrived at a gorgeous mansion concealed among vines like you would see out of an Architectural Digest magazine or… wait, a movie,” Kathy wrote on her website. A lot more “romantic, sophisticated, and seductive” than “holiday jolly,” as one reviewer put it, could be found within the house’s walls.

Caleb had told Kathy that the event was a typical party for “VCs” (venture capitalists), but Kathy realized almost right away that it wasn’t. Caleb finally told Kathy that the holiday party was just a plan to ask her to marry him.

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Do Kathy And Caleb Have Any Children?

Caleb and Kathy were married after he proposed to her in an unexpected way. They had their first kid, Ava, not long after they were married. After that, in the year 2020, Kathy gave birth to their son Neo.

Who Is Kathy Fang's Husband? Detailed Look Into Her Personal Life!

Kathy regularly discusses the challenges she faces in balancing her two children, husband, and work on her Instagram account.

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