Who Is Kelly Monaco Dating? Relationship Rumors With Billy Miller

Kelly Monaco is a well-known American actress, model, and reality TV star. She was born on May 23, 1976. She is probably best known for her role as Sam McCall on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and for winning the first season of the reality TV show Dancing with the Stars.

Kelly Monaco has been in at least four relationships, but she has no children to show for it. She has never been married to anyone else. Kelly Monaco has been with several men, including Billy Miller (2015), Val Chmerkovskiy (2012–2013), Heath Freeman (2010–2014), and Michael Gonzalez (1991 – 2009).

Monaco was in a long-term relationship with Michael Gonzalez for 18 years. But they didn’t get married.

In this article, we’ll talk about whether or not Kelly Monaco is dating and who her boyfriend is.

Kelly Monaco’s Boyfriend – Is She Dating Billy Miller?

Fans of “General Hospital” have long wondered if Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco are dating in real life because they have such sizzling chemistry as a couple on the show.

Who Is Kelly Monaco Dating? Relationship Rumors With Billy Miller

People have seen them together a lot, which also supports the idea that they are a couple. For example, Billy and his alleged girlfriend Kelly were seen together for the first time in 2016 in Los Angeles. Soon after that, Billy went to a taping of “Dancing with the Stars” to support Kelly. Then, in July 2018, they were caught on camera laughing together.

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User @curvy11 said, “I think Kelly Monaco and Billy had something going on behind the scenes, which made working with him a lot easier. The scene where they had s*x was very well done.”

Since neither Kelly Monaco nor Billy Miller has confirmed or denied these rumors, we have to take them with a grain of salt. The best thing for her fans and followers to do right now is to wait until there is an official update.

Next, let’s talk about Kelly Monaco’s 18-year-long past relationship.

Kelly Monaco Dated Mike Gonzalez For 18 Years

Mike Gonzalez was Monaco’s high school boyfriend. They started dating during their junior year of high school.

Before Monaco became famous, they were together for 18 years. They both went to the same community college and worked as lifeguards, among other things.

The relationship between Monaco and Gonzalez ended for good in 2009. Even though they had been together for almost 20 years, they never got married.

Who Is Kelly Monaco Dating? Relationship Rumors With Billy Miller

Monaco did say why they broke up on the E! reality show Dirty Soap in 2011. Monaco said at the premiere that she did not recognize Gonzalez and that their relationship had become “toxic” over the years.

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“The thing that bothers me most when I look at this is, ‘Where did that person go?'” Monaco said on the show as they looked at pictures of themselves. “You look into their eyes and think, ‘What happened to you?’ or ‘How did 20 years make you such a different person?'”

Monaco said in episode 5 that Gonzalez “betrayed” her and “killed my soul,” but she did not say how. In one scene, she also said, “You can’t love me if you don’t love yourself.”

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