Who Is Remi Bader Dating In 2022? Is Lebron Her Boyfriend?

Remi Bader, a plus-size model, and TikTok and Instagram star, is a well-known name. Since she put up her first video on the platform in September 2020, the fashion influencer has gained more than 2.1 million subscribers. Her honest try-on hauls and unfiltered commentary have connected with women of all ages.

The 27-year-old often uses her audience to talk about how the fashion industry doesn’t care about the size and fit of plus-size women’s bodies and to answer trolls. She also has a beautiful line for plus-size women with Revolve.

Fans and netizens alike want to know if Remi is single or in a relationship. Let’s find out if Remi Bader is dating anyone.

Who is Remi Bader dating: Is She Dating Someone Or Single?

Remi Bader is a TikTok star, an activist, and a curvy model. Khloé Kardashian and Meghan Trainor are among the celebrities who support her. Her fans sometimes wonder if she has a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Who Is Remi Bader Dating In 2022? Is Lebron Her Boyfriend?

A few months ago, Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports posted an Instagram photo that looked like it was of Remi Bader and someone else. There have been rumors for a while that the picture is of Remi Bader with her unknown boyfriend, and online detectives have been working hard to find out who he is.

A Reddit user named @FantasticGarden4469 says, “I know him because he comes from the area where I live. A popular kid in a frat went to UPenn. Before Remi came, I was talking to Grace O’Malley Briana Chickenfry’s friend. It was said that Remi took him from Grace. He might be trying to get ahead.

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People have even thought that he might be using her. Nothing about it makes sense, and his Instagram page shows that he wants to be popular online.

Lebron, who is on Instagram as @keyveat and is thought to be Remi Bader’s boyfriend, has been found.

There are also hints that he and Grace slept together a few times before deciding to stay friends instead of going further. It’s important to note that they didn’t say his name. Instead, they just said that this happened to one of the guys in their group of friends, but all the clues in Bri’s personal podcast, Plan Bri, point to it being him.

Who Is Remi Bader Dating In 2022? Is Lebron Her Boyfriend?

So far, neither Remi nor Lebron has confirmed or denied it, so fans will have to wait until there is an official update.

Remi Bader Explains How She Accidentally Became TikTok’s Hero

In the last two years, Remi Bader has criticized every fast-fashion brand, no matter how size-inclusive they say they are. The first time she put on ill-fitting clothes on the app for a “realistic clothing haul” in the fall of 2020, she had no idea that the video format would become her signature or that it would make her an internet star with millions of social media followers.

In the first video, Bader talked about the average amount of clothes bought on TikTok. He said, “Not everything we see on social media is true.” “That package can’t have everything that looks so good… We don’t tell everyone the whole story.” Because of this, Bader has put up a lot of haul videos since then.

Who Is Remi Bader Dating In 2022? Is Lebron Her Boyfriend?

Bader tells Allure. “Either they don’t know how to make these [bigger] sizes or they don’t care and don’t try.” She says that the main reason she started all of this was to make fun of how silly it is to be overweight. “We shouldn’t have any trouble wearing these clothes. “Why is it so hard?

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Because of this, people on the internet called her the face of the plus-size community. Not long after her TikToks became popular, Bader’s face was all over magazines, podcasts, and TV shows, like People, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, E! News, Good Morning America, and many more. In all of these places, people talked about how real and open she was. In the end, Bader also worked with Aerie’s #BeReal campaign and Victoria’s Secret, where she was an ambassador and a “plus-size consultant” who tried on new items and gave feedback on them.

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