Who Is Mickey Guyton’s Husband? All You Need To Know!

Mickey Guyton is known for the films Forever My Girl, The Right Kind of Wrong, and American Underdog. Guyton grew up in Texas, where she was exposed to many different kinds of music at a young age. As a result, her music combines elements of modern country and R&B.

Apart from this when we look into Guyton’s love life, she’s been married to Grant Savoy since June 26, 2017. Guyton started dating Grant Savoy, an attorney, in 2010. The pair made their engagement public in November 2016. The pair tied the knot in Kauai, Hawaii in June 2017 with only 23 guests.

After being married for 3 years, Guyton confirmed her pregnancy to her partner in August 2020. In February of 2021, Mickey and Grant became parents for the first time to a son whom they named Grayson. This moment marked the beginning of the couple’s growing family.

Read on to know everything regarding Mickey Guyton’s husband and family.

Meet Mickey Guyton’s Husband, Grant Savoy

Grant is a lawyer from Kauai, Hawaii. Not only is he a co-founder at Solouki | Savoy, LLP, but he’s also Mickey’s biggest fan. He and Mickey met through his stepsister in 2010, who also happens to be one of the singer’s best friends.

Who Is Mickey Guyton's Husband? All You Need To Know!

Grant is not only a supportive and loving spouse but also an accomplished professional. His Twitter and LinkedIn bios both describe him as a partner and co-founder at the Los Angeles law firm Solouki | Savoy, LLP, where he practices complex civil litigation. According to the firm’s website, Grant attended California State University, Northridge for his undergraduate studies and Southwestern Law School for his legal education.

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Mickey Guyton Has A Supportive Husband

Mickey shared on  Instagram that it wasn’t all fun and games when they first started dating, but it sounds like Grant was very supportive and patient. In an Instagram post, she wrote:

“When this man walked into my life I was broken. I put him through hell because I was so hurt. But he persisted and loved me through all of my imperfections and transgressions. He put me on a pedestal that I didn’t think I deserved and showed me I was worth it. He now gives me the courage to be the human and artist that I was always meant to be.”

Who Is Mickey Guyton's Husband? All You Need To Know!

Let’s put a glance at her social media presence.

Mickey Guyton’s Social Media Appearance

Mickey Guyton, a famous musician, has amassed a massive following on the photo-sharing app Instagram, where she frequently discusses both her career and personal life.

As of this writing, she has 236k followers. She also posted a few pictures of her first child Grayson on Instagram.

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What Is Mickey Guyton’s Net Worth?

According to multiple sources, the Texas native is worth between $1 million and $5 million in 2022. In 2015, Mickey was the opening act for the Crushin’ It Word Tour by country superstar Brad Paisley. In the years that followed, she recorded more EPs. In 2020, her hit song “Black Like Me” made Mickey a nominee for Best Country Solo Performance at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. Remember Her Name was her first studio album, released in 2021.

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