Who Is Sodapoppin’s Girlfriend In 2022? Sodapoppin And Veibae Are Still Dating!

Sodapoppin is a well-known Twitch streamer and YouTuber. He has been streaming on Twitch for a long time and is still very popular. His thoughts on the site are often seen as those of an expert.

Because of how unusual their relationship is, Thomas Chance Morris, aka “Sodapoppin,” and VTuber Veibae have been in the news a lot in the past few weeks.

After getting closer on-stream toward the end of2021, it was found out earlier this year that the two were dating. Even though Chance and Veibae have only been together for a short time, they have both been through a lot and are still going strong.

How Did Sodapoppin And Veibae First Meet?

Sodapoppin and Veibae have been together for a while and can’t be apart. Mizkif is sure that he is the reason why the two fell in love. But the truth is that they have been getting along for weeks, and their chemistry is clear.

No one knows exactly when they met, but the first time they were seen together in public was on Matthew “Mizkif”s Parasocial for the VTubers vs. Degens episode. There, Chance joined the Degends team, and Veibae joined the VTubers.

Who Is Sodapoppin's Girlfriend In 2022? Sodapoppin And Veibae Are Still Dating!

Mizkif, who talked about their relationship a few months later, said that they met on Parasocial and then started spending more time together on Discord. Over time, their friendship turned into something more.

One of Chance’s early streams that showed how close they were was with Rob “Roflgator,” another Twitch streamer who is also a friend of the couple.

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The three of them and a few other streamers put on a sort of dating show on VRChat, where people tried funny ways to win the heart of Veibae.

Who Is Sodapoppin's Girlfriend In 2022? Sodapoppin And Veibae Are Still Dating!

Chance and Veibae started streaming together more and more, and you could often find them playing League of Legends for hours on and off stream. Several of their viewers started to think they were dating because they “playfully” flirted with each other during livestreams and kept the same attitude offstream.

At one point, the couple joked about breaking up their “engagement,” and Veibae threw a ring off her finger. When viewers tried to ask about their relationship or tell Sodapoppin she looked “happier” lately, the streamer set clear boundaries and made it clear that no one was allowed to cross them.

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Sodapoppin And Veibae Are Still Dating And Their Relationship Is Going Strong

However, in the end, Sodapoppin told people about the deal and confirmed for good that they were a couple. After a simple request for donations led to a string of comments from viewers, the streamer came clean about his relationship, saying:”They just play League of Legends for 20 hours straight.”

Soon after that, Chance told everyone that they had “ironically” gotten engaged by buying cheap rings from Amazon. Viewers are still unsure whether he was genuine with his statement.

But since they told everyone about their relationship, things haven’t been as calm as they could be. They’ve both talked about getting strange messages from people now and then, but recently, they talked about a long e-mail that was sent to the VTuber about how the quality of her streams was supposedly getting worse.

Who Is Sodapoppin's Girlfriend In 2022? Sodapoppin And Veibae Are Still Dating!

Sodapoppin was talked about over and over again in the email, and he was criticized for hurting Veibae. People also said that the VTuber was trying to “beat around the bush” about her and Chance. Even though the viewers seemed worried, the two thought the email was funny and read it out loud in a dramatic way.

The fan’s email didn’t just blow Soda and Veibae’s minds. It also shocked a lot of their fans. Some people even talked about their worries on social media.

“I can’t even imagine being this obsessed over a person that doesn’t even know you exist,” wrote one fan. “I hope this guy gets off the internet for good and focuses on his own life. This is so unhealthy,” wrote another.

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