Aurora Culpo Divorce – Inside Details Of Aurora Culpo And Michael Bortone Split

Aurora Culpo is an American model and social media star who is best known as Olivia Culpo’s sister. Aurora grew up in the US state of Rhode Island. Her younger sister Olivia has won three beauty pageants in a row, Miss Rhode Island USA 2012, Miss USA 2012, and Miss Universe 2012.

Aurora is well known for being an influencer on social media and for appearing with her sister in many of Olivia’s Instagram travels. Aurora Cuplo is almost loved by everyone on Instagram, where she regularly shares her life as a mom and like a social media influencer. She keep on posting photos with her son and daughter. She has 128k followers on Instagram and 890 posts as of now.

On social media, word is getting around that Olivia Culpo’s sister, Aurora Culpo, is getting a divorce. Let’s find out if the news is true and if the rumors have any facts to them.

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Is Aurora Culpo Getting A Divorce From His Husband Michael Bortone?

Aurora Culpo, sister of Olivia Culpo has filed for divorce from her husband, Michael Bortone, who was on the TV show “Survivor.” In the filing, Aurora has said that “irreconcilable differences” are the reason for the split. It was reported that couple broke up in January 2022,

She and Michael has been married for almost three years. The couple share two children together.

At this point, it is unknown what exactly caused the happy couple to no longer be together, and neither party has made any public statement regarding the divorce. However, it’s clear from her Instagram that she doesn’t have any pictures of her with her husband. Maybe the rumors that the couple is no longer together are right after all. Aurora hasn’t yet posted anything regarding her divorce.

Aurora Culpo Divorce - Inside Details Of Aurora Culpo And Michael Bortone Split

No too much details are made public about Aurora and Michael divorce and relationship.

Aurora Has Filed A Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce Lawsuit Against Michael Bortone

As per Unicourt, on 04/11/2022 CULPO, AURORA filed a Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce lawsuit against BORTONE, MICHAEL. This case was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Courts, Stanley Mosk Courthouse located in Los Angeles, California. The case status is still Pending.

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Culpo Wants That The Court Grant Joint Custody Of Their Children

Culpo is asking the court to give the ex-two couple’s young children, Remi and Solei custody to both of them. In the filing, Aurora says that “irreconcilable differences” are the reason for the breakup and asks the court to order Bartone to pay spousal and child support. Also, she wants the court to stop being able to give support to the “Survivor” star.

Aurora Culpo Divorce - Inside Details Of Aurora Culpo And Michael Bortone Split

As for how the property will be split, it’s not clear if the couple has a prenuptial agreement, but the document says, “The full nature of the parties’ assets and debts has not yet been determined. Once this is done, the appropriate paperwork will be filed, and the assets and debts will be covered in the Stipulated Judgment.”

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