Who Is Taylor Lorenz? Why Did Twitter Suspend The Tech Journalist?

Taylor Lorenz, a tech Journalist for the Washington Post, said that her Twitter account was suspended on December 17 (Saturday) after she tweeted an inquiry about a story she was working on to Elon Musk, the new social network owner.

Before it was shut down, Lorenz’s Twitter account (@TaylorLorenz), which she started in 2010, had more than 340,000 followers. “Elon Musk suspended my Twitter account earlier tonight,” she wrote on her Substack. “I received zero communication from the company on why I was suspended or what terms I violated.”

“Super crazy. “Elon seems to ban anyone who disagrees with him,” Lorenz said in a video she posted on TikTok on Saturday evening. Lorenz had been tweeting from a different account, @nodreamsoflabor before that account was also banned. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about Taylor Lorenz and why she was suspended from Twitter.

Who Is Taylor Lorenz And Why Was She Suspended From Twitter?

Taylor Lorenz is a Washington Post journalist from the United States. She previously worked as a technology journalist for The New York Times, The Daily Beast, and Business Insider. She is well-known for her coverage of Internet culture. She came up with the phrase “OK boomer.”

Who Is Taylor Lorenz? Why Did Twitter Suspend The Tech Journalist?

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Lorenz was supposedly banned from Twitter for “violating the Twitter rules,” however it’s unclear which rule was violated. This comes after Elon Musk, Twitter’s new king, reinstated the accounts of a number of journalists he had suspended for allegedly disclosing the whereabouts of his personal jet.

The suspension also happened because an entrepreneur who had previously sued Lorenz asked Musk to ban the reporter for allegedly doxxing her in a 2020 New York Times article. “Such shameful behavior will not be tolerated in the future,” Musk had replied.

Taylor Lorenz Criticized Elon Musk For Suspending Other Journalists

Lorenz had just broken his silence on Musk’s suspension of other journalists.

“The system for determining what is trending is undoubtedly flawed in its core design. Lorenz stated to the Spaces group, “It’s just so rich to hear him [Musk] complain about doxxing and harassment. “I mean, I am doxxed and harassed on this app… I don’t think there should be less moderation overall, but users should have more say over their own experiences.

Who Is Taylor Lorenz? Why Did Twitter Suspend The Tech Journalist?

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She added, “It’s really weird because clearly, in the previous two weeks, for instance, people tweeting out stuff like information about my family or all this material that has been used to target my family directly in the past.” I’ve filed a report about it, but it seems to have the same effect as tweets: nothing.

Lorenz said, “The woman that I used to call out to when this stuff happened at Twitter has been let go from Twitter, and I just hear this from a lot of people. For this reason, I think Elon overstated his own experience, while the platform has gotten less secure for others.

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