Who Is Torrey Devitto’s Boyfriend: Is She Still Dating David Ross?

Torrey DeVitto came out as dating Chicago Cubs manager David Ross last year, and she seems to be enjoying themselves together.

Torrey, who played a doctor on Chicago Med, has recently been in the spotlight due to her relationship with David Ross. There had been rumors that the two were dating, and over the weekend in May 2021, they made it Instagram official, as reported by Feeling the Vibe.

“Love him madly,” the 37-year-old Chicago Med star wrote on Instagram on May 8, along with a black-and-white photo of her kissing Ross on the cheek.

Are Torrey and David still going strong or have they gone their separate ways, read on to know more about their relationship.

How did Torrey Devitto And Her Boyfriend David Ross First Meet And Start Dating?

Social media posts from 2021 confirmed our prior speculation that Torrey is dating Cubs manager David Ross. David played baseball professionally before hanging up his cleats. During his 15 years in Major League Baseball, the star was primarily a catcher.

During his lengthy career, he played for several different baseball clubs, but he is best remembered for his time with the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox. In addition to the MVP trophy, David also has a World Series trophy. Both in 2013 with the Red Sox and in 2016 with the Cubs.

Who Is Torrey Devitto's Boyfriend: Is She Still Dating David Ross?

He began working as an ESPN analyst in 2017, and by 2020, he had signed on to manage the Chicago Cubs.

In 2021, Torrey gave us our first sign that they might be dating with a series of cryptic Instagram postings. Among the photos Torrey shared from her trip to Cincinnati, one particularly stood out.

Who Is Torrey Devitto's Boyfriend: Is She Still Dating David Ross?

A reply followed shortly after. They went public with their love on May 7 after Torrey posted a black-and-white photo of her and David kissing on Torrey’s Instagram with the message, “Love him madly.”

There was a lot of speculation among MLB fans after seeing a photo of David Ross coaching his team while also having a heart painted over his head. The Chicago Med actor, 38, just said on Instagram, “Anywhere, everywhere, anytime with you.”

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Are Torrey DeVitto And David Ross Still Together?

DeVitto frequently posted photos of himself and Ross on social media after they began dating in 2021, but the couple has since kept a relatively low profile. In fact, the posts that indicated they were dating have been erased, leaving one to question if they are still together.

Torrey had numerous public appearances throughout the year 2022, but he was never seen with anyone else. David Ross was nowhere to be found, but they never break up formally, so I assume they are still together but want to keep their relationship low key.

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We assume they may still be together because David looks to be the ideal companion she’s always dreamed of finding. Someone I can share my life with and talk to about anything, someone I can go on adventures with, someone I can build a life with; someone who shares my beliefs. What do you think? It was a lot of fun to take the kids on the road as a family. When she was fresh out of the dating scene, DeVitto told Us Weekly.

Unless there is any official conformation of their breakup, we can safely assume Torrey DeVitto and David Ross are still dating.

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