Who Is Theo Hernandez’s Girlfriend? Relationship Details With Zoe Cristofoli

Théo Bernard Francois Hernandez is a French professional football player who plays left back for Serie A club AC Milan and for the France national team. He is considered one of the best left-backs in the world because of his speed, runs, and ability to score goals.

Theo Hernandez was one of the heroes for his country when the French national team beat Morocco 2-0 in the semifinals to set up Sunday’s final against Argentina. The defender, who gave England a penalty in Saturday’s quarterfinal, put France ahead with a left-footed volley at the far post in the fifth minute on Wednesday night. Now, France has a chance to become the first team since Brazil to win back-to-back World Cups.

Theo Hernandez said, “That’s incredible. “Playing in two finals in a row is amazing. We did a great job, but it was hard,” he said of the game, in which Morocco kept France on the defensive for long stretches, before turning his attention to Sunday.

Who Is Theo Hernandez's Girlfriend? Relationship Details With Zoe Cristofoli

Now, Theo’s admirers are interested in his private life. There seems to be a lot of curiosity regarding the woman who seems to be his support system in every situation of his life. Keep reading until the end of this post to find out about his wife or girlfriend.

Meet Zoe Cristofoli, Theo Hernandez’s Girlfriend

Zoe Cristofoli is famous for dating AC Milan star Theo Hernandez. Zoe Cristofoli is well-known for being Theo Hernandez’s girlfriend at AC Milan.

Zoe had to fight for everything she has accomplished in her life because she comes from a minimal family. She refused to let her background or circumstances dictate her life and took charge of her career. She built her empire by starting with a lot of low-paying jobs. Initially, she didn’t let Theo get too close to her. However, the pair eventually formed a strong bond over time.

Who Is Theo Hernandez's Girlfriend? Relationship Details With Zoe Cristofoli

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As of now, she established herself as a well-known entrepreneur, influencer, and fashion blogger. She has amassed a huge fan following on social media platforms. As of this writing, she has got 1.1 million fans on her Instagram account.

How Theo Hernandez And Zoe Cristofoli Started Their Relationship?

Theo and his girlfriend, Zoe met through a common friend while they were having dinner in June 2020. However, despite sending several texts via Instagram, she did not respond. Theo persisted in his efforts until she agreed to a dinner date. They began to hang out together and got to know each other. They moved into a live-in relationship after a few months of dating. Since then, the two have been inseparable.

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The two of them raised a son together. They have, however, chosen to keep their son’s identity, including his appearance and name a secret. His wife Zoe takes him to all of his dad’s games and keeps posting about him on Instagram.

Zoe recently shared a post on her Instagram about her husband’s success. She captioned it, “INCREDIBLE DAD ❤️🚀 It’s hard to describe all the emotions felt from the beginning until now… I can only tell you that your son will always be proud of you”

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