Woman Zips Boyfriend In Suitcase And Leaves Him To Die

The Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office in Florida released a video that alleged murderer Sarah Boone filmed of her taunting her boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr. while he’s locked in a suitcase and pleading for help. Authorities say that Boone put Torres Jr. in the suitcase and left him there overnight. The next morning, Torres Jr. was dead. Boone told police that Torres Jr. got into the suitcase on his own during a game of hide-and-seek and came out soon after. When the police got a warrant to look through her phone, they found this video.

The hard to watch video depicts a suitcase with Jorge Torres Jr. allegedly in it begging to be let out as he is slowly suffocating to death. However, Sarah kept taunting him throughout the length of the video and by no means showed any remorse or even a hint of caring for the well-being of her boyfriend.

At 1 hour 11 minutes and 20 seconds into the police interrogation, she acknowledges that she zipped up the luggage “not all the way” and “not intentionally.”

It has already been revealed in the media that both of these individuals have prior arrest records related to incidents of domestic abuse. In the police questioning video, she even alleges that Torres cheated on her on many occasions.

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How Did Jorge Torres Jr. Get Into The Suitcase?

There are a few alternative hypotheses that have been put out regarding how he managed to get himself into the suitcase, including the possibility that he was struck or that alcohol played a role in the incident. According to what she states at 1:11:20 of the police questioning video, he might have gotten in of his own accord before she zipped it up. Another likely situation could be because of the blow to the head, he was rendered incapable of further action.

Woman Zips Boyfriend In Suitcase And Leaves Him To Die

On February 23, the two were drinking and getting drunk off of Chardonnay when this incident took place. While they were intoxicated, they made the decision to play hide and seek, and the boyfriend chose to hide in the suitcase. After that, Boone secured his confinement inside the suitcase with a bobby pin. After that, she proceeded to make fun of him for around 11 minutes as he complained to her that he was struggling to breathe. While he was dying, she reminded him, “that’s how I feel when you choke me” and “that’s how I feel when you cheat on me.”

In accordance with the findings of the autopsy, he had a wound on his head. It’s possible that she knocked him out, that he passed out, or that she deceived him into going in there in the first place.

Sarah Boone has been charged with murder in the second degree, and she is currently awaiting trial. To receive the second degree, it is not necessary that the initial offense was intentional.

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