Who Was DJ D Baby’s Girlfriend? Popular DJ Fell To Her Death

Darian Lewis was a DJ and businessman from Houston, Texas, with a promising future. Lewis, who was born on June 24th, turned 23 just few days before she tragically passed away.

Lewis began mastering the craft of DJing after enrolling in college at Texas Southern University, fulfilling a high school dream. She viewed it as a chance to reinvent herself and had already gotten a sizable amount of DJ gear from her family as a graduation gift.

DJ Died After Falling From Houston Balcony

Early on July 4th, DJ who was just starting to gain recognition in Houston’s music scene fell from the balcony of a high-rise apartment building, landing four floors below on a pool deck. The DJ’s girlfriend, Nishia Jackson perhaps the only person on the balcony that morning, claimed to have seen her partner climb up on a patio chair and fall over the railing.

“I actually would have had to pick her up and hurl her over, which is crazy!” Jackson went on. THERE WAS NO FIGHTING AMONG US!

According to her mother, Darian Lewis, who performed as DJ D Baby, passed away more than a week after being hospitalized due to the fall.

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Terri Lewis posted on Facebook, “Please pray for the family, my heart is heavy and sad. My youngest and only daughter has transitioned.”

Who Was DJ D Baby's Girlfriend? Popular DJ Fell To Her Death

Lewis’ death appeared to be an accident, but Houston authorities have notified local media that there is still an active investigation into the incident.

The DJ’s father, told Fox 26 Houston, “We’re going to trust the system, and we’re going to let them do their job.

Darian Lewis, who identified herself as the “youngest female DJ in Houston,” was a burgeoning social media celebrity as of Thursday, with more than 27,000 followers on Instagram. Her father commented, “She did things others who are 56—my age—haven’t done.”

About DJ D Baby’s Girlfriend, Nishia Jackson

Nishia Jackson was the girlfriend of DJ D Baby. They used to hang out frequently and have been together for a while. She is broken and saddened by the death of her partner.

After learning of DJ D Baby’s passing, her partner, Nishia Jackson, posted about the incident on Facebook.

Who Was DJ D Baby's Girlfriend? Popular DJ Fell To Her Death

Jackson’s post stated, “I’ve decided to break my silence not necessarily for you all, but for she and I. I’ve been very low and hurting deeply. This is coming from my heart. I love Darian with everything in me. I was trying to protect her”.

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She sprinted to the patio (I had no reason to believe that the subsequent events would occur in a million years)… I ran from the door to her as soon as she got up onto the patio chair, but she collapsed before I could save her. She literally fell before my eyes, and I heard it.

Jackson claims that she rushed to her aid and yelled for assistance right away. Lewis was very ill when she was hospitalized, and her loved ones were hoping for her recovery.

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