Are Zed And Addison Dating In Real Life? Know All About Their Relationship Status

ZOMBIES 3 came out on July 15, and we can’t wait to find out what the supernatural beings of Seabrook are up to now. Fans also want to know more about the cast of the popular Disney+ show, including what they are doing in their personal lives. 

Are Zed and Addison dating in real life? Know all about their relationship status

Addison and Zed from ZOMBIES are a very famous couple, which has led many fans to think that the actors who play them are together in real life. Fans will be sad to hear this, but Meg Donnelly, who plays Addison, and Milo Manheim, who plays Zed, have been denying for years that they are dating. In fact, they are very close friends.

Do Zed and Addison actually have a relationship?

Fans of ZOMBIES know that the best relationship in the movie is between Addison and Zed, but Meg and Milo Manheim have NOT dated in real life, no matter how much fans wish they had. Milo and Meg may play BF and GF on screen, but both of them have said many times that they are just best friends.

Are Zed and Addison dating in real life?

Meg told Seventeen in February 2018 about their ZOMBIES audition that Milo and she became best friends right away, even though they didn’t put them together. “When we were paired up with different people, we talked the whole time, which was kind of funny. But when they finally put us together, doing scenes with him was so easy, it was really cool.

In a February 2020 interview with People, the actress raved about their friendship and said, “We really depended on each other. And we became such close friends.”

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Who is Meg Donnelly dating?

Meg has never said who she is dating in public, but fans have done it for her. Fans were sure that Meg dated Logan Pepper for a short time when she was on American Housewife from 2016 to 2021. Neither of them ever talked about the rumors in public.

When ZOMBIES started airing in 2018, fans were even more sure that she was dating her co-star Milo. However, both of them have made it clear that they are just friends.

It appears that Meg is dating ZOMBIES 2 actor and dancer Noah Zulfikar, who also starred in that film. Since August 2019, the couple has been sharing cute photos of themselves with one other on Instagram, despite the fact that they have never publicly acknowledged that they are in a relationship. In January 2021, the dancer also shared a touching homage to Meg on his website, along with touching images and videos of the rumored couple. “Thank you for your post. I love you more than you could possibly understand. “I want to thank you for being who you are,” he wrote.

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Who is Milo Manheim dating?

Milo, who plays Meg’s co-star on ZOMBIES, has been linked to a few women. Fans thought Milo and Holiday Kriegel dated for a short time in 2018 because they walked the red carpet for Incredibles 2 together in July of that year. Milo told Entertainment Weekly in November 2018 that he was single, so it’s not clear what went wrong between the two.

Milo sparked dating rumors with his Prom Pact co-star Peyton Elizabeth Lee in May 2022 when he posted a photo of himself with his arms around her on Instagram and said he would be joining season 2 of her Disney+ show Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. People asked a lot of questions in the comments section about whether or not they were dating. But neither of them said anything about how they felt about each other.

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