Who Is Alicia Silverstone’s Boyfriend Dan Dishart? Know Silverstone’s Dating History!

Alicia Silverstone was born on October 4, 1976, in San Francisco, California. She is the youngest of three children of Didi (Radford), a former flight attendant, and Monty Silverstone, an investor in real estate. Her English-born father is from a Jewish family, and her Scottish-born mother became Judaism.

Alicia’s career began when she was only six years old. Her father took some pictures of her, which led to her getting a few TV commercials. After appearing in The Wonder Years (1988) as a “dream girl,” she moved on to movies.

She got a part in The Crush (1993), a kind of Fatal Attraction (1987) for teenagers in which she played a troubled young girl who was obsessed with an older man. The critics were not impressed by the nasty little role, but teenagers were. Silverstone is a vegan, and she has supported PETA’s work and written two cookbooks, The Kind Diet (2009) and The Kind Mama.

Alicia recently told a big secret about her life. Read the article carefully to find out what she has revealed.

Who Is Alicia Silverstone’s boyfriend?

On her birthday, Alicia revealed that she has a boyfriend in high school, named Dan Dishart. On her Instagram handle, she shared a photograph from her high school prom with the caption, “My boyfriend from high school Dan Dishart sent me this today in honor of my birthday! 🎉.”

People are very shocked to learn this secret. Writer Kathy Freston said, “How cute are you guys?! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY😘🎁🎂🎉🥂.” User klrlobstereater commented, “F**k! I didn’t 😢know you had a boyfriend.”

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Users are very eager to know if Is she currently dating him or not. Ma.riaeduarda336 asked, “Boyfriend or ex boyfriend.” However, it is not clear whether she is dating him or not. As soon as any new information will available we will let you know.

Know about Alicia Silverstone’s Dating History

Stephen Dorff, 1994 – 1995

It is believed that Alicia dated Stephen for one year, from 1994 to 1995.

Who Is Alicia Silverstone's Boyfriend Dan Dishart? Know Silverstone's Dating History!

Adam Sandler, 1996 – 1996

In 1996, Adam Sandler and Alicia Silverstone went out for a short time. As if!

Benicio Del Toro, 1996 – 1997

Benicio Del Toro was rumored to be with Alicia Silverstone. Benicio and Alicia worked on the movie “Excess Baggage” together and were rumored to have dated during that time.

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Leonardo DiCaprio, 1997

The relationship between Leonardo and Alicia was just a rumor or item. Who knows?

Who Is Alicia Silverstone's Boyfriend Dan Dishart? Know Silverstone's Dating History!

Kenneth Branagh, 1998 – 1999

In the year 1998, there are rumors that Kenneth Branagh had an encounter with Alicia Silverstone. After a year had passed, though, there were reports that they had broken up.

Christopher Jarecki, 2005 – 2018

In 2005, eight years after meeting outside of a movie theater, Alicia Silverstone married S.T.U.N. musician Christopher Jarecki. On May 5, 2011, Silverstone had a baby boy. In March 2012, she posted a video of herself feeding her son food that she had already chewed.

Who Is Alicia Silverstone's Boyfriend Dan Dishart? Know Silverstone's Dating History!

In February 2018, Jarecki and Silverstone ended their relationship. She started the divorce process in May 2018. In November 2018, the divorce was final.

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