Who Is Hasan Minhaj’s Wife? Know About Minhaj’s Kids!

Hasan Minhaj is an American actor and comedian. He is a Senior Correspondent for “The Daily Show” at the moment. He was a regular on the sitcom “State of Georgia” and also starred in “Disaster Date” on MTV. Minhaj has his own YouTube channel and has also been a guest star on the shows “Getting On” and “Arrested Development.”

He was the host of the web show “The Truth with Hasan Minhaj” and of the documentary “Stand Up Planet.” The American movie star has also done voice work. He did the voice of Rabi Ray Rana for the Far Cry 4 video game series. “Homecoming King,” Minhaj’s first stand-up comedy show, is also on the list of things the actor has done for the industry.

Minhaj was chosen to be the main speaker at the 2017 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He talked about his accomplishments and awards.

In January 2015, he married a Hindu woman named Beena Patel. Read on to find out more about Hasan Minhaj’s personal life.

Who Is Beena Patel, Hasan Minhaj’s Wife?

Minhaj and Patel have been married since 2015. Minhaj might be known for being a comedian, but his wife is known for her work with the health care company Vituity.

Who Is Hasan Minhaj's Wife? Know About Minhaj's Kids!

According to her LinkedIn profile, she has worked as a Senior Transformation Consultant since June 2017 and later become the Executive Director of the Vituity Cares Foundation in December 2020.

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Her biography says, “Beena works to improve the quality of care and delivery across the continuum by implementing disruptive technology solutions and patient-centered innovations.”

Who Is Hasan Minhaj's Wife? Know About Minhaj's Kids!

Patel has a master’s degree in public health from the University of California, Davis, and a doctorate from UCLA. Minhaj was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in September 2021. He talked about his family and said that he and his wife had fertility problems for years, which was “really tough” for them.

“It created a lot of tension in the relationship. We’d sit there until very late at night and have hard conversations, like, “Are we going to be able to have kids?” Are we arrogant for thinking we deserve children?’ “according to PEOPLE.

Later, he said that he needed surgery to be able to have kids.

Know About Hasan Minhaj’s Kids

Now,the couple share two kids together. They have a daughter who was born in April 2018.

Who Is Hasan Minhaj's Wife? Know About Minhaj's Kids!

In March 2020, Minhaj posted on Instagram that the couple was expecting their second child- a son.

Who Is Hasan Minhaj's Wife? Know About Minhaj's Kids!

Know About Hasan Minhaj And Beena Patel’s Religious Background

Beena and Hasan knew for a long time that their different religions would make it hard for them to get married, but they kept seeing each other anyway. The problem was that Hasan was a Muslim from Uttar Pradesh and Beena was a Hindu from Gujrat. Muslim law said that Hasan couldn’t marry Beena. At the time, Beena’s best choice was to stop being a Hindu and become a Muslim.

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But their love for each other won out, and they were able to get married. Indian customs and traditions were used at the wedding. Hasan had this to say about the wedding:

“I had a big Indian wedding for both my wife and my white friends,” he said.

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