Meet Andrea Canning’s Husband And Children: An Inside Look

Andrea Mead Canning is a Canadian-American journalist and writer who is a correspondent for Dateline NBC and also contributes to other NBC News platforms such as Today, NBC Nightly News, and MSNBC. She also works as a fill-in anchor and news anchor on Today and Weekend Today. Furthermore, she also writes for Hallmark Channel and Lifetime movies.

Andrea Mead Canning, known for her expertise in uncovering mysteries and delving into real-life crime stories, is sure to have an intriguing love story of her own. Let’s take a closer look at her romantic journey!

Who Is Andrea Canning Married To: Know About Her Husband

Andrea Canning, the news anchor, is married to Tony Bancroft, who is a former F/A-18 pilot who served in the Iraq War. Currently, Tony works as a research analyst at GAMCO Investors, Inc.

Meet Andrea Canning's Husband And Children: An Inside Look

Andrea met her now-husband, Lt. Col. Anthony “Tony” Bancroft when her career was the most important thing in her life. Work responsibilities took up so much of her time that they almost affected her romantic life. When the reporter moved to Washington in 2005 to work for ABC NewsOne, she was just starting to lose hope. But Andrea’s coworker Martha Raddatz set her up with Tony.

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They both fell in love at first sight and Tony candidly admitted that “The first time I saw her, I thought this girl is so beautiful, I could see myself spending my life with her.”

Meet Andrea Canning's Husband And Children: An Inside Look

Tony Bancroft proposed to Andrea in September 2007 at his family vacation home on Cuttyhunk Island, Massachusetts. Then the beautiful pair tied the knot at the beautiful All Saints’ Anglican Church of Collingwood on June 7, 2008, after a romantic journey of three years. The couple has been blessed with a brood of six children, including five daughters and one son.

Know About Andrea And Tony’s Children

Andrea Canning and her husband Tony Bancroft have six children, Anna Katherine Bancroft, Charlotte Brewster Bancroft, Christina Margaret Bancroft, Georgina Rapalje Bancroft, Elle Corbin Bancroft, and their son George Anthony Bancroft.

The couple had always desired to have a son, but with their age not being favorable for conception, they had given up hope. However, in 2019, they decided to try for one more time, and surprisingly, they were able to conceive their son. They shared their journey with TODAY, revealing that it had been eating away at them that they wanted a boy so badly and that the window was closing, but they decided to give it a try even though they didn’t think it would work.

Meet Andrea Canning's Husband And Children: An Inside Look

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Their son, George was conceived through in vitro fertilization. After his birth, he required time in the neonatal intensive care unit and Andrea had to recover from blood loss during delivery by taking iron supplements.

Despite her busy schedule, Andrea Canning prioritizes spending relaxed time with her children. She has shared that her parenting approach is to be as chill as she can, acknowledging that she doesn’t always succeed but that’s her goal.

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