Why Did Angelina Pivarnick And Chris Larangeira Get Divorce?

Angelina Marie Pivarnick is an American reality TV star who is best known for being on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. Angelina talked about the problems in her marriage and explained why she got a divorce.

Angelina Pivarnick used to married to Chris Larangeira. Then the couple got separated. Viewers of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation know that Angelina and her husband Chris Larangeira have had their ups and downs, many of which have been shown on the reality show.

Here’s everything you need to know about the reasons behind their divorce.

What Led To Angelina And Chris Divorce?

Angelina and Chris are no longer together. They were married for two years, and their wedding was shown on Season 3 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Chris filed for divorce on January 20, 2022, because he and his wife had “irreconcilable differences” that had “broken down the marriage for at least six months.”

Why Did Angelina Pivarnick And Chris Larangeira Get Divorce?

One of these “differences” is that Angelina and Chris have different sexual ‘s life. On an episode of Family Vacation in June 2021, Angelina told the rest of the cast that the couple’s constant fighting was making it hard for them to be close. But she also said there were things she did wrong in the relationship.

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Angelina told the rest of the cast, “I’m not the best wife ever.” “I yell at him and sometimes make fun of him. I feel like we’re both wrong. But you see how I’m telling you? He will never say he was wrong.”

She went on to say that she and Chris no longer had that “spark” between them.

Angelina Pivarnick Had Affair Behind Husband’s Back

According to the reports, Angelina dated New Jersey native Joseph Tarallo for most of the time she was married to Chris until he filed for divorce in January.

Why Did Angelina Pivarnick And Chris Larangeira Get Divorce?

Joe and Angelina started dating in the summer of 2020 and spent a lot of time together right away. One source said, “She barely went home, which caused a lot of trouble in her marriage.”

Chris supposedly found out about the relationship and left the house in a rage before the holidays that year. But it seems he quickly changed his mind after she told him the affair was over for good.

“Basically, Chris told Angelina, ‘You are my wife,'” a source said. “I’m going to give you one last chance.'”

He moved back in with her because he thought she wasn’t talking to Joe anymore.  Fast forward to the holiday season of last year, when Angelina’s marriage fell apart.

After some time, Chris get to know that she was still seeing Joe, even though she told him they were done. Joe called Chris to tell him that he was with Angelina the whole time.

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Joe told Chris that he was the guy Angelina was seeing when the surveillance video of her allegedly leaving someone’s home started to spread in late 2020. This led to rumors that she was having an affair with a man in her inner circle who remained a mystery.

Why Did Angelina Pivarnick And Chris Larangeira Get Divorce?

The video was used as a plot point on the show Jersey Shore Family Reunion, and many cast members saw it. Chris asked for a divorce from his reality star wife after rumors that she cheated on him with another man while filming a new reality show in Spain late last year were proven to be true. The source said that Angelina’s husband, who broke up with her, is very sad.

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