Who Is Tinx’s Boyfriend? Is She Dating Sansho?

Tinx, whose real name is Christina Najjar, is a well-known TikTok star, creator of content, and social media influencer. She is best known for her “rich mom” impressions on TikTok and for her mini-vlogs and recommendation videos.

She was born on September 19, 1990, and grew up in London. Tinx made her TikTok account in May 2020, and it already has more than a million followers.

The influencer went to Stanford University and started working in retail after graduating. According to Vogue, she worked for Gap Inc., Banana Republic, and Poshmark before getting her master’s degree in fashion journalism from Parsons.

The 32-year-old is famous for speaking into her tiny microphone, and she is often thought of as TikTok’s “big sister.”

Last year, she was in the news because of her breakup with Jeremy Kallen. But, now, she has shared something fascinating in her Instagram stories. So, what has she revealed? Read the article to learn more.

Tinx Shared Characteristics Of Her Boyfriend

Recently, Tinx had a Ask Me A Question session on Instagram. Tinx posted all the asked questions with their answer on her IG story. But, some of them caught people’s eyes (means related to her personal life). Here, we share with you stories.

Who Is Tinx's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Sansho?

She also revealed the height of her current boyfriend.

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Who Is Tinx's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Sansho?

When asked about the first time she met her boyfriend. At a party, she said. But she doesn’t say when or where it will take place.

Who Is Tinx's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Sansho?

When a fan asked if her boyfriend was at home, she said, “No I wish he is in Paris for work.” Another fan asked Is your bf comfortable w you posting about your past guy experiences? Her reply was kinda interesting. She replied, “He’s very secure which I like. He gets it’s my job. He gets that I live for you guys. When I was manifesting my next relationship one of the top things I put in my list was someone who appreciates that my relationship with my followers is very unique and right now comes first in my life.”

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Who Is Tinx’s Boyfriend In 2022? Is Tinx Dating Sansho?

Based on her stories and what people said about her on Reddit, we think that Tinx might be dating the photographer Sansho. However, none of them revealed anything about their relationship.

Who Is Tinx's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Sansho?

According to his personal website, Sansho Scott is an American photographer who was born on born May 14, 1985. Born in New York City’s lower east side, he has been surrounded by fashion and metropolitan culture his entire life. After four years living in Los Angeles, he is back in NYC continuing his work. Sansho’s photographic roots are in fashion as he first began shooting street style for use in online and e-mail marketing, while that remains his forte, his work now extends to portrait, headshot, concert, travel, and landscape to name a few.

Sansho is currently present at Paris for Festival V03 shot for Balmain Paris. He is sharing shots of the festival on his Instagram handle @sansho.

‘Tinx and Sansho dating’ is a hot topic on Reddit. Everyone has a different opinion about the topic. User Sea-Two-5349 commented, “Yes. Aside from the fact he posted a story saying he wasn’t diplo (lol), the guy wearing the stinx necklace on her story also has a yin Yang necklace and this guy has posted pics of himself w the same necklace. Hard launch coming soon.” Some users are saying that she is using Sansho to introduce herself to famous celebrities. User Socalgal327 said, “Oh my god. He’s literally so unattractive 😂 go look at his Instagram. She’s totally using him to get to these “famous” people he’s photographing/hanging out with. Can’t say I’m shocked!!! Can you??.”

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